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Angelic Virtues and Demonic Vices
Aquinas’s Practical Principles for Reaching Heaven
and Avoiding Hell

Fr Basil Cole, OP

Saint Thomas guides us on how to pursue our true celestial homeland while avoiding running to a false heaven. He outlines the various vices, and their forty plus daughters, and details how to conquer them. After reading this work, you will not only desire to become a saint because you will see how hideous vice truly is but also see how splendid virtuous living for God is.

978 1 50512 921 2   288 pages   £24.99 Hardback

Fr Gabriele Amorth
The Official Biography of the Pope’s Exorcist
Domenico Agasso

Although the world knows him only as an exorcist, he was so much more. His profound prayer life, his simplicity, his love for poverty, his sense of humour, his fearlessness, his friendship with many saints, and his esteemed love for Our Lady set him apart. Because of Our Lady’s protection, he once declared, “I always say that it is the devil who is afraid of me.”   Here, you will find the remarkable story of this spiritual son of Saint Padre Pio who became the most renowned exorcist of the last century, a warrior for Christ. “Those who knew him, already consider him a saint.”

978 1 5051 3158 1   264 pages   £24.99 Hardback

The Glories of Divine Grace
Fr Matthias J. Scheeben
Foreword by Scott Hahn

Although the Among the mysteries of faith, the doctrine of grace occupies a preeminent place. It’s at the heart of Christianity because grace is how God comes to us and how we embrace God. This book describes the immense gift of grace won for us by the Savior and the inconceivable power this grace gives to our lives.

978 1 5051 3146 8   455 pages   £26.50 Hardback

Good Music, Sacred Music, and Silence
Three Gifts of God for Liturgy and for Life
Peter Kwasniewski, PhD

Written to be accessible to the non-specialist, this book will benefit all Catholics, other Christians, and even aesthetically curious nonbelievers who wish to explore the art of music in general, its role in human life, its effects on morality, and its inspired and inspiring function in religion. Kwasniewski's wide-ranging erudition and sound argumentation provide essential musical guidance for clergy, musicians, teachers, and parents.

978 1 50512 228 2  344 pages  £24.99 Hardback

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
The Mystery of Christ’s Love
Fr Michael Mueller, Cssr

Father Mueller joins a wealth of Catholic traditions, biblical facts, and enthralling true stories from Catholic history and the lives of the saints to show that, in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we possess something of infinite value: the only gift we can offer to Almighty God which is not miserably unworthy of Him and through which we can obtain from Him every possible favour.

978 1 50512 917 5   584 pages   £23.50

How the Eucharist Can Save Civilization
R. Jared Staudt, PhD

What once took us to our summit can once again be our source for a flourishing civilization. The Blessed Sacrament has more power than any medicine to heal the body and soul, more strength than any army to defeat our foes, and more grace to transform our civilization by first transforming us. Only the Holy Eucharist, which built the great culture of Christendom, can both renew and save our secular culture by infusing it with beauty, festivity, community, and charity.

978 1 50512 820 8   321 pages  £25.99 Hardback

In Defense of Latin in the Mass
The Case for the Church’s Timeless Liturgical Language
Pope Benedict XVI

An accomplished canonist and scholar, Pope Benedict XIV was perhaps the most prolific author of any of the Roman pontiffs. In this work, which also includes an Essay on the use of Latin in the Mass by Hierotheus Confluentinus, the provincial of the German Capuchins (1682–1766), one will find a hidden treasure beckoning the soul to defend our sacred patrimony with even greater fervor: the use of Latin in the liturgy.

978 1 50512 803 1   48 pages    £7.99

The Liber Christo Method
A Field Manual for Spiritual Combat
Dan Schneider, PhD

Whether you are engaged in close combat with the devil or find yourself in need of more “firepower” in your spiritual life, take heart and put into practice the lessons contained in this manual. More than theory or quotes from saints or the Catechism, this manual equips you with the weapons necessary to defeat the ancient enemy.

978 1 50512 905 2  392 pages  £37.50 Leatherette

My Name is Philomena
Fr Peregrine Fletcher, OPraem

For centuries, the story of Saint Philomena was hidden away in the darkness of the ancient catacombs of Rome. Only in recent years has her story finally come to light! In this book, the Virgin-Martyr herself shares the splendid account of her short life: from the first moment she fell in love with God to her final moment on earth, when she laid down her life for Him. Join the Greek princess Philomena as her dangerous and breathtaking story unfolds. Bear witness to how this young “daughter of light” defeated the forces of darkness and inherited the extraordinary title “Powerful with God.”

978 1 50512 682 2   48 colour pages   £16.50 Hardback

One Holy Marriage
Katie Warner

Uncover the beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage through the quiet, virtuous lives of Saints Louis and Zélie Martin, the first married saints in history to be canonized together. This beautiful picture book biography captures the hearts of both child and adult readers, introducing them to the inspirational parents of the Little Flower, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, and bringing to life G.K. Chesterton's observation: “The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children.”

978 1 50512 875 8   40 colour pages  £15.50 Hardbacknherited the extraordinary title “Powerful with God.”

Latin Prayers for Young Catholics
Katie Warner

In Oremus—Latin for “let us pray”, prayers from the Mass and other beloved Catholic prayers, in both English and Latin, are accompanied by master copies of some of the Church's most beautiful artwork.  Young Catholics will learn to pray in the language which Pope Saint John Paul II said elicits “a profound sense of the Eucharistic Mystery” while exploring, reflecting on, and being inspired by studies of masterpieces of Christian art, from Fra Angelico to Bouguereau.  This stunning compendium is an invaluable resource for young Catholics to use both at Mass and at home.

978 1 50512 738 6    40 colour pages  £15.50 Hardback

The Paradise of the Soul
Forty-Two Virtues to Reach Heaven
St Albert the Great

Teaches what it means to attain beatitude—that is, the fulfilment of all virtue.  But as Saint Albert knew, since the fullness of virtues is contained in love, and because God is love, ultimately, we can only achieve true plenitude of virtue by possessing God Himself. This is the true paradise of the soul. Let Saint Albert the Great, Doctor of the Angelic Doctor, instruct you on the path to sanctity among angels.

978 1 50512 809 3       288 pages  £18.99 Hardback

Poems Every Child Should Know
Joseph Pearce

Selected and accompanied by commentary from bestselling author and literature professor Joseph Pearce, this exciting collection of verse contains classic poems that every child should know to begin a poetic ascent towards God.

978 1 50512 630 3  344 pages  £24.99 Leatherette

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus
An Introductory Latin Missal for Children
Adalee Hude

This richly- illustrated introduction to the Latin Mass for readers young and old provides a thorough sampling of Latin text from the missal with English translation. It also provides a look behind the veil of what we can see with our eyes, depicting the meeting of heaven and earth at each Mass, as Pope Saint Gregory the Great stated: “The heavens open and multitudes of angels come to assist in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.” The beauty of the language, the reverent movements, and the salvation made possible through Jesus’s penitential offering to the Father are all depicted lovingly within these pages.

978 1 50512 829 1    42 colour pages  £18.99 Hardback

What the Mass Means
An Introduction to the Rites and Prayers of the Latin Mass
Fr Victor Hintgen

Gives a formative introduction and catechetical elucidation of the Mass perfect for beginners, teachers of the Mass, and those simply curious about why this action comes at this part of the Mass. Formatted with questions after each section, this book is ideal for First Communicants preparing to understand the Traditional Latin Mass, study groups, or homeschoolers

978 1 50512 896 3   144 pages  £23.50 Hardback