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  Autumn/Winter 2022

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Desire and Unity
Augustinian Spirituality for Today
Fr Emmanuel-Marie Le Febure Du Bus

Christ taught St Augustine to purify everything in charity, to direct everything towards God, to unify everything in communion. His thought profoundly influenced the history of Catholicism and the vigour of his view of the human heart responds to today's concerns. This book presents beautiful insights into this timeliness message of desire and unity of Augustine, which offers us a living message charged with hope.

978 1 62164 444 6   160 pages  £14.99

The Dynamics of Liturgy
Joseph Ratzinger’s Theology of Liturgy
Fr Vincent Twomey

“Fr. Twomey is one of the foremost authorities on the theology of Joseph Ratzinger, and carries the distinction of having been a student of Professor Ratzinger.  He can thus be said to enjoy a ‘connatural’ understanding of the mind of Ratzinger.  What is distinctive about this work is hoe he walks the reader across the bridge between Ratzinger’s fundamental theology and his liturgical theology, including Ratzinger’s insistence on the cosmic character of the liturgy. Few commentators on Ratzinger’s theology approach their subject with  
Fr Twomey’s breadth of cultural experience.”
--Tracey Rowland, Ph.D., St. John Paul II Chair of Theology, University of Notre Dame (Australia)

978 1 62164 486 6  192 pages  £16.50

The Man Who Left His Mark
How Mark’s Gospel Answer’s Modern Questions
Peter Kreeft

252 contemporary questions given answer’s taken directly from Mark’s Gospel, which are always pointed and often suprising, and makes us ponder more deeply about the meaning of the Scripture passage in relation to our own lives. Kreeft describes the book as “a series of sudden shocks and surprises because that is how Jesus appeared to Mark and others who followed him – full of shocks and surprises.”

978 1 62164 582 5  120 pages  £12.99

The Moral Wisdom of the Catholic Church
Fr Robert Spitzer, SJ

“Fr. Spitzer has done the seemingly impossible.  He has taken the sprawling array of moral controversies and synthesized them into a coherent whole.  He has taken matters besotted by rage and sobered them with reason.  He taken matters distorted by passions and conformed them to the heart of Christ.  If you are looking for sanity and sanctity, then you need to read—and live—this book.” --Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J., Author, Real Philosophy for Real People

978 1 62164 416 3  625 pages  £19.99

Saint Maximillian Kolbe
A Hero of the Holocaust
Fiorella de Maria

Maximilian Kolbe’s decision to take the place of a condemned man in Auschwitz and die by starvation is one of the greatest stories of heroism to emerge from the Holocaust. This book, the 34th in the Vision series, brings to life for a younger audience the incredible story of a Polish weaver’s son who grew up to be a priest, theologian, publisher, missionary, and martyr.

978 1 62164 322 7  190 pages  £10.99

Twelve Great Books
Going Deeper into Classic Literature
Joseph Pearce

Beginning with a general introduction to the Great Books of Civilization, you will discover the authentic meaning of the word “civilization" and will then be shown how the Great Books are a product and a reflection of civilized culture. The reader is then taken on a tour of twelve of the greatest books ever written, from St. Augustine’s Confessions and the works of Shakespeare to some of the masterpieces of nineteenth and twentieth century literature.

978 1 62164 573 3  255 pages  £14.99

Women Mystics
Fr Louis Bouyer, CO

Studies those women whose influence and sustained tradition have been decisive in working an interior renaissance which the Church has need of today as yesterday. He concentrates on Hadewijch of Antwerp, Teresa of Avila, Thérèse of Lisieux, Elizabeth of the Trinity, and Edith Stein, showing the striking, ever-creative continuity from one to the other. He portrays how the prayer and interior life of each of these women has led modern Christians from idle speculations to the reality of the Christian experience in its purity and fecundity.

978 1 62164 555 9  208 pages  £14.99

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