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Carlo Acutis
The First Millennial Saint
Nicola Gori

The Word of God and the Eucharist were the center of his life. Carlo’s unwavering devotion to the Eucharist inspired him to tell the story of Eucharistic miracles through a website he created just for fun. After he died of illness in 2006 at just 15 years of age his story spread around the world.

                 978-1-68192-935-4   144 pages  £12.50

Enter the Narrow Gate
Saint Benedict’s Steps to Christian Maturity
Susan Muto

The choices we make each day have eternal ramifications, and there can be no compromise between the narrow way and the easy road. Ultimately, each of us must face — and answer — this all-important question: Are we willing to enter through the narrow gate and follow the narrow way all the way to heaven?

                     978-1-68192-929-3   160 pages  £12.99

Every Day with Saint Joseph
Edited by Mary Amore

Begin each day with a quotation from Scripture, followed by a brief reflection, a question or act to consider, and a short prayer to Saint Joseph to carry through your day.

978-1-68192-965-1 432 pages £16.50

Fathers of the Faith
Saint Augustine
Mike Aquilina

In this volume from the Fathers of the Faith series, you will be introduced to Saint Augustine of Hippo. Who was he? What did he teach? Where and when did he live? Why is he an important figure in the history of the Church?

                  978-1-68192-707-7  152 pages  £12.50

Fathers of the Faith
Saint Irenaeus
Mike Aquilina

In this volume from the Fathers of the Faith series, you’ll be introduced to Saint Irenaeus of Lyons. Who was he? What did he teach? Where and when did he live? Why is he an important figure in the history of the Church?

978-1-68192-705-3  160 pages  £12.50

Imagine You Walked with Jesus
A Guide to Ignatian Contemplative Prayer

In this volume you will learn the method of imaginative prayer developed by St Ignatius of Loyola 500 years ago. Then you’ll be guided through Gospel-based encounters with Jesus, from his birth to his resurrection.

978-1-68192-703-9  246 pages  £14.99

Invitation and Encounter
Timothy P O’Malley

Shows how the sacraments, as efficacious signs, are Christ working in the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. This book presents a pastoral introduction to sacramental theology from the standpoint of evangelization. How do sacraments evangelize? How do sacraments both heal and divinize those who receive them?

                    978-1-68192-777-0   144 pages   £12.99

The Life of Jesus Christ
Understanding The Story of the Gospels
Russell Shaw

The engaging eighteen-month spiritual journey of a Protestant pastor that finally led to his confirmation and reception in the Catholic Church. During this time he found that Catholic teachings had Scriptural support that he had completely overlooked. Here he weaves his personal story into an examination of specific Scriptures.

                  978-1-68192-425-0   128 pages  £12.99

My Son Carlo

Carlo Acutis Through the Eyes of His Mother
Antonia Salzano Acutis with Paolo Rodari

In My Son Carlo, Antonia Salzano Acutis shares for the first time the intimate, private moments of her son's life, including his final days in vivid detail before he died from leukemia at the age of 15. In her own words, Antonia shares stories and memories as a mother who lost her son too early but was forever shaped by his remarkable life.

978-1-63966-025-4   240 pages   £22.50

OSV Kids Stations of the Cross
Colleen Pressprich

This helps children understand and connect with the Passion of Christ. Perfect for schools, parishes, and families, this wonderfully illustrated booklet includes age-appropriate descriptions of each Station, prayers, and questions for reflection and discussion.

978-1-68192-987-3  40 pages  £3.99

Saint Dominic’s Way of Life
A Path to Knowing and Loving God

Patrick Mary Briscoe, OP

Few Catholics today know much about Saint Dominic, who died eight hundred years ago in 1221. Unlike Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Ávila, or Ignatius of Loyola, Dominic did not leave a deposit of writings to be examined and built upon. Yet this medieval Spaniard still has much to teach us today, and we see this in the way of life he left to the Church.

978-1-68192-939-2  144 pages  £12.99

The September Pope
The Final Days of John Paul I
Stefania Falasca

After so many unsubstantiated claims and unconfirmed rumours, we now know what happened in the last hours of the life of “the smiling pope.” Finally, here is an accurate account, backed by in-depth research and previously unpublished documentation, revealed by Stefania Falasca, the vice-postulator for John Paul I’s cause of canonization.

                  978-1-68192-937-8  232 pages  £19.99

Understanding the Bible
A Catholic Guide to Applying God’s Word To Your Life Today
Fr Jeffrey Kirby

You know the eternal value of the Bible and have been moved in your heart to pick it up, but you’ve found it hard to navigate. Perhaps you’ve already tried reading the Bible and have been overwhelmed. Maybe you’re more familiar with the Bible but don’t understand how its wisdom can be useful in the world right now.

978 1 68192 980 4  - 336 pages - £13.99

Educating for Eternity
A Teacher’s Companion for Making Every Class Catholic
Brett Salkeld, Ph.D

Explains the role of Catholic anthropology in education and accompanies Catholic teachers in integrating the Faith into all aspects of the curriculum. From math and science to health and social studies, every subject can and should be taught from a Catholic worldview. And in doing so the true purpose of Catholic education is fulfilled.

978 1 68192 756 5   272 pages  £10.99

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