St. John Henry Newman

The ‘Making of Men’
Paul Shrimpton

This perceptive study provides a pastoral idea of an academic university by one of the great Christian humanists, and from it emerges an inspiring vision of what education should strive to accomplish - of what it means ‘to be made men’.

9780852448243 -  584 pages -  £25.00

Passion for Truth: The Life of John Henry Newman (2nd Ed)
Rev. Fr. Juan R. Velez

Painstakingly uncovers the life and work of Blessed John Henry Newman. In the story of his early years, his family upbringing and university education, and through his vast correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues, Vélez acquaints us with Newman, the loyal friend, profound thinker, prolific writer, and holy priest. A true Catholic gentleman, who can be admired and loved by all who love the Truth.

9781505116243 - 639 pages (incl. Colour) - £19.99

Theories of Development in the Oxford Movement

James Pereiro

Probably the most important book on the history of the Oxford Movement to be published in the last decade.

Rowan Strong, Church History

978 085244 825 0   198 pages  £14.99

'An Aristocracy of Exalted Spirits’

The Idea of the Chuch in Newman’s

Tamwoth Reading Room

David P Delio

The author offers a new framework for understanding Newman’s highly original work of satire, politics, and theology.

978 085244 8823    380 pages  £20.00

Newman and History

Edward Short

Edward Short shows just how important history was to all aspects of the life and work of Blessed John Henry Newman.

978 085244 919 6  364 pages  £20.00

Everyday Meditations
John Henry Newman
"Who would not want to have arguably the greatest theologian and convert maker of the last two centuries at his side as he enters into conversation with the Lord on a daily basis? This book will help you immensely in your struggle for holiness and winning the world for Christ and His Church." Fr. C. John McCloskey - Research Fellow at the Faith & Reason Institute

978 1 933184 96 8  192 pages  £10.99

Prayers Before the Eucharist
St. John Henry Cardinal Newman

 In honour of his canonization, Tan Books have collected Newman’s Prayers and Meditations before the Eucharist in order to bring his beautiful and profound love for Christ in the Sacrament to a new generation of Catholics

978 1 50511 642 7  152 pages  £13.99

Waiting for Christ
Meditations for Advent and Christmas
John Henry Newman
In this new and compact compilation of his sermons, you’re invited to journey with Bl. John Henry Newman through Advent into Christmas and Epiphany, meditating on the coming of Christ and the Christian life. Newman’s masterful knowledge of the lives of the saints, Catholic doctrine, and, above all, Sacred Scripture, will help you immerse yourself in these liturgical seasons of waiting, wondering, and joy.

978 1 732524 74 3  160 pages  £12.50

Newman’s London (Revised)

Joanna Bogle

“For Londoners and visitors alike, discovering Newman’s London can bring the story of this great man’s life into focus.  It is a wonderful way of exploring the message that he has for us today.” X Cardinal Vincent Nichols - Archbishop of Westminster

978 0 85244 713 0  100 pages  £9.99


Unearthly Beauty
The Aesthetic of St John Henry Newman

Fr Guy Nicholls
This significant new book looks at Newman’s own musical compositions and the music of great composers that influenced him; at the churches that Newman built, at their furnishing and decoration, and the European and British buildings which he used as points of reference; at painting and landscape that was important to his development.

978 0 85244 947 9  340 pages  £25hb

Newman’s Oxford

Fr Jerome Bertram
A new edition of the guide to the places and buildings associated with Newman during his years in Oxford 1816-46, including many illustrations and a useful map.

978 085244 950 9  64 pages   £6.99

Newman at Littlemore

 Bernard Basset SJ
‘..a source of knowledge and inspiration for countless Newman friends since first published in 1983..His witty style increases the pleasure with which one makes acquaintance with John Henry’s friends, family and parishioners…’ + Robert Byrne, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle.

978 085244 942 4  120 pages   £7.99

Meditations on Mary, Our Mother

 St. John Henry Newman

In honour of his canonization, this volume draws together Newman’s Marian writings into an anthology of his profound writings on our Lady. Some are doctrinal or apologetic while others are deeply devotional meditations. These two approaches, not only show two sides of Saint John Henry Newman’s character they will increase your own love and devotion to Our Lady.

978 1 50511 643 4  128 pages £13.99

A Newman Reader
Edited by Matthew Muller, Ph.D

Through this curated collection of essays, sermons, poems, hymns, and letters, you will not only be informed and inspired but will experience Saint John Henry Newman’s pastoral care for the entire Body of Christ.

978 1 68192 618 6   144 pages   £12.50

The Tears of Christ
Meditations for Lent
St. John Henry Newman

 Drawn chiefly from Newman’s sermons and gently modernized, these meditations offer a share in the fruit of his contemplation, that we might the better enjoy with him the ''one thing which is all in all to us,'' which is ''to live in Christ's presence, to hear his voice, to see his countenance.''

9781950939060  208 pages  £12.50

The Gentleman Saint
Patricia O’Leary

Follow Newman on his many journeys across the Irish Sea - 56 in all - as he takes on the mammoth task of setting up a Catholic University in Dublin, now UCD, and building the beautiful church of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom. Ultimately we, also,  follow Newman’s intermittent four journeys to Rome that marked the major stepping stones in his life.

978 085244 760 4    166 pages     £12.99

Seeking God with Saint John Henry Newman
Ryan J. Marr

An invitation to receive spiritual counsel from one of the towering intellectuals of the 19th century. Newman’s practical guidance distilled for the reader by a Newman scholar, provides wisdom on prayer, penance, and the path to heaven.

978-1-68192-592-9   192 pages  £15.50

Heart Speaks to Heart
Edited by Cardinal Timothy Dolan

A symposium of noted Newman scholars explore the various historical, theological and pastoral dimensions of Newman’s understanding of the universal call to holiness.s.

978-1-085244-963-9  180 pages   £16.99

A Newman Synthesis
Erich Przywara SJ

An extensive collection of Newman’s writings, systematically organized and arranged to provide a thorough and accurate reconstitution of his thought. This book mimics the progression of ideas as they were present in Newman’s own mind, its passages flowing together with succinctness and clarity.

978-1-62138-750-3  396 pages £18.50

Thinking as Though God Exists
Newman on Evangelizing the “Nones”
Ryan N.S.Topping

Draws upon St. John Henry Newman’s voluminous insights to present a far-ranging cultural strategy for the New Evangelization. The conversion of secular culture requires many things – the rebuilding of the family, the recovery of our artistic traditions, the reestablishment of local priestly vocations, and more. Newman’s concept of an integrative habit of mind can help believers reconstitute a coherent account of faith and culture for our time.

978-1-62138-905-7  186 pages £17.00

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