Gracewing Publishing

To place an order do one of the following:

A) Most pages are linked to a secure Shopping Basket so that you can make a direct credit card payment. For all other titles please refer to ordering instructions below.

Click here for printable form.

B) We can take telephone orders if preferred. (01568 616835)

C) Send an e.mail to with your credit card details, address and order requirement.

D) You can send an order through the post with a sterling cheque payable to ‘Gracewing Ltd’ or with your card details.

Post and Packing

UK Customers: Please add £3.50 for the first book you order, plus£1.00 for a 2nd book plus 50p each additional book. The maximum charge is £6.50.

EU Customers: £8.50 for first book, then add £2.50 for the 2nd book plus £2.00 each extra book to a maximum £50.00

Rest of the World Customers(air): £12.50 for first book, then add £6.50 for the 2nd book and £2.00 each extra to max £75.00