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   Selected 2020 Titles

12 Life Lessons from St Thomas Aquinas
Timeless Spiritual Wisdom for Our Turbulent Times
Kevin Vost

These 12 life lessons will help you cultivate a rich, robust faith life that will bring you into closer communion with God and beckon others to follow. You’ll soon find yourself confidently and happily living in the imitation of our Lord, the Way, the Truth and the Life for all men.

978-1-622828-302  304 pages  £15.50

30 Days with Teresa of Avila
Dan Burke and Anthony Lilles

These unedited letters from Teresa of Avila to her friends offer a rare window from which to gaze upon the Saint’s genuine witness and pragmatic advice on pursuing an intimate friendship with God.

978-1-64413-130-5  150 pages  £12.99

Abandonment to God
The Way of Peace of St Therese of Lisieux
Fr. Joel Guibert

Join St. Therese of Lisieux on this gentle road to sanctity, and turn over your fears, great and small, to the Lord. Allow His love to fill your soul and experience the peace that comes with total abandonment to God.

978-1-62282-834-0   192 pages  £14.99

Ask Peter Kreeft
The 100 Most Interesting Questions He’s Ever Been Asked

Here, in a collection of questions from listeners to his lectures over the years, he offers his bright and humorous insights on a variety of topics, including God, religion, the supernatural, marriage and sexuality, morality, culture, books — even surfing!

978-1-62282-860-9   320 pages  £15.50

Carmelite Spirituality
The Way of  Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation
Bishop Anders Aborelius

An expert in the ways of authentic Carmelite spirituality, provides a powerful introduction to the spiritual insights that Carmelite saints have made to our understanding of the interior life — insights that will deepen your prayer life and help you grow in the presence of the Lord. By exploring the writings of St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. Therese of Lisieux, you’ll begin to implement the wisdom of these great spiritual masters of the past which lead to a deeper union with God.  

978-1-68278-139-5  128 pages  £12.50

Cooking with the Saints
Alexandra Greeley & Fernando Flores

From traditional Cottage Pie on St. Patrick’s Day to Basque Lamb Stew on the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola, the delicious recipes in this unique cookbook will excite your senses, awaken in you greater love for the saints, and bring Catholic festivity into your home.

Here you’ll find brief saints biographies and ideal accompanying dishes tied to the liturgical feasts of the Church. From this exceptional cookbook, your family will receive triple nourishment: for body, mind, and spirit.

978-1-62282-510-3    352 colour pages  £26.99hb  

Day by Day with Saint Faustina
365 Reflections
Susan Tassone

Arranged by award-winning and best-selling Catholic author Susan Tassone

into a handy, day-by-day form, these selections from Faustina’s writings on

Divine Mercy – revealed to her over the years in mystical conversations with Jesus himself – will help you do what Jesus told Faustina he wants you to do: trust completely in His mercy and show mercy to others.

978-1-62282-652-0  416 pages  £13.99

The Decalogue Decoded
What You Never Learned about the Ten Commandments
Fr Brian Mullady

Filled with the practical wisdom of EWTN host Fr. Brian Mullady, OP,
The Decalogue Decoded introduces you to the riches of the Ten Commandments. By reading his brief but insightful reflections, you’ll come to see how God’s law is not merely a set of rules or specific prohibitions, but rather an exhortation to cultivate a virtuous inner life and holy habits.

978-1-68278-103-6   128 pages   £12.50

Friends of the Bridegroom
For a Renewed Vision of Priestly Celibacy
Mark Cardinal Ouellet

This is a
book not just about the priesthood but for priests, and should therefore find a welcome home in rectories and seminaries everywhere. It promises to confirm them confidently in their vocation, their hope in Christ, and remind them of their dignity and duties in relation to the challenges of the modern world.

978-1-68278-135-7  256 pages  £15.50

The Fruits of Fatima
A Century of Signs and Wonders
Joseph Pronechen

time to discover all of Fatima — not simply the isolated incidents of the early twentieth century, but the ongoing heavenly interventions that are impacting modern history and bearing extraordinary spiritual fruit along the way. Armed with this knowledge and perspective, you’ll be inspired again by the messages of Fatima and will devote yourself once more — or perhaps for the first time — to Mother Mary, whose love for you and concern for your salvation know no bounds.

978-1-62282-814-2  144 pages  £12.50

Holy Handmaids of the Lord
Women Saints Who Won the Battle for Souls
Julie Onderko

Brings you exciting tales of bold female warriors of the spirit, from heroic Old Testament women such as Judith, Deborah, and Esther to more recent icons of the Faith, including St Clare, St Monica and St Faustina.

978-1-62282-712-3  128 pages  £12.50

How the Catholic Church Can Restore Our Culture
Archbishop Georg Gänswein

As one of the most distinguished figures in the Catholic Church and the only man to have been in daily interaction with two popes simultaneously, Archbishop Ganswein presents an array of profound observations about the state of the Church and its likely future in an increasingly secular society. He offers a vigorous and convincing argument for the indispensability of the Catholic Church as a civilizing force in culture, and how she alone can, and must, serve as a bulwark against the growing cultural totalitarianism seizing the West.

                   978-1-68278-218-7 224 pages  £15.50

Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You
365 Reflections
Susan Tassone  

Each meditation features Jesus’ words to Faustina, to which Tassone has added a short original reflection and prayer to help you hear and live by Jesus’ words as if they had been spoken directly to you. From these pages you’ll discover the mercy, love and compassion of the Lord’s that’s available for you - day by day, each day of the year.

978-1-64413-101-5   448 pages  £13.99

Mother Angelica’s The Way of the Cross
Edited by Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, MFVA

Filled with the same images Mother Angelica prayed with as a young woman, even before she entered religious life, this collection of prayers
and meditations will help you join your sufferings to Christ’s.

978-1-68278-097-8  48 pages  £7.99

The Next Pope
The Leading Cardinal Candidates
Edward Pentin

When Pope Francis' pontificate has passed, it's very likely that one of the nineteen cardinals featured in these pages will be elected to become the next Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church, the spiritual leader of over a billion Catholics and the most influential and widely respected moral and religious figure in the world.Each cardinal profile begins with a brief biography that sketches the major points of his ecclesiastical life. Then comes a detailed, richly footnoted report and assessment of his three fundamental roles as a successor to the apostles: his sanctifying role as a priest, his governing role as a bishop, and his prophetic role as a teacher.

978-1-64413-311-8  704 pages  £24.99

Our Lady’s Wardrobe
Anthony DeStefano

Over the centuries, Our Lady has visited the people of Earth many times. On each of these occasions she has dressed very differently. Our Lady’s Wardrobe tells the story of some of her most famous apparitions, highlighting the clothes she wore and the things she did. By reading this book, children will not only learn about the Mother of God, but will also learn the main purpose of her life—to love and serve her son, Jesus Christ, and to lead others to do the same.

978-1-62282-626-1  40 colour pages £13.99 Hardback

The Priests We Need to Save the Church
Kevin Wells

ays out a blueprint of priestly heroism, calling for today’s shepherds to take the narrow path of self-denial once tread by St. John Vianney, the priest-saint of old, and his own uncle, beloved Monsignor Thomas Wells who, before his shocking murder, led more than a dozen men to the priesthood and affected the lives of thousands.

978-1-64413-032-2   240 pages  £14.99

Spiritual Warfare and the

Discernment of Spirits
Dan Burke

Satan is always at work breeding sadness and anxiety while providing obstacles that prevent souls from making spiritual progress. In this concise yet powerful book, author Dan Burke presents the venerable, time-tested wisdom of Catholic mystics to help you understand the influence of the Enemy on your mind and heart, and the tactics you need to combat him.

978-1-64413-257-9  120 pages  £12.50

A Storybook of Saints
Elizabeth Hanna Pham

Written for children five to eight years old — but a delight for all readers — A Storybook of Saints relates inspiring stories about the world’s greatest heroes: the saints. Focusing less on historical details and more on memorable events in the lives of each, this indispensable book is not so much a collection of biographies as a delightful storybook.

                    978-1-64413-068-1  224 pages  £15.50

The Way of the Cross
Archbishop Georg Ganswein

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, longtime secretary to Pope Benedict XVI, gives stunning reflections on the Stations of the Cross which will give life to your own Stations of the Cross devotions and awaken in you a love and sympathy for our Lord greater than any you have felt before.

978-1-64413-308-8  80 colour pages  £10.99

Union with God
According to St. John of the Cross
Fr. Gabriel of St.Mary Magdalen

In these pages, Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen lays out for us a time-tested path toward achieving complete intimacy with God, the path first mapped out centuries ago by the Church’s acclaimed master of the contemplative life, St. John of the Cross (1542-1591).

978-1-62282-858-6  192 pages   £14.99

What is Heaven?
Mother Angelica

With her characteristic warmth and insight, Mother Angelica illustrates the joys that await the faithful after death. Drawing on Scripture and her own miraculous experiences, she calms fears and answers anxious questions: How can I be happy in Heaven when I’m so ashamed of my sins?
What will my friendships be like in Heaven?

What will I look like?
As you read these pages and begin to think of Heaven as a real place, where you will someday meet God, you will find your longing and love for Christ deepening. You will begin to live for the next life: eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

978-1-68278-089-3  112 pages  £12.50

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