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 Autumn/Winter 2023

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Building a Civilization of Love
 A Catholic Response to Racism
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

The ideologies of Critical Race Theory, Liberation Theology and the Black Lives Matter Movement are approached objectively, asking the same question for each discipline: is there anything contained within these approaches that Catholics can utilize to facilitate the healing and reconciliation of racial division?

978-1-62164-546-7   220 pages  £15.50

Church Councils
100 Questions and Answers
Paul Senz

More than a history of the twenty-one ecumenical councils, this question-and-answer book provides a practical and theological explanation of them. It provides the historical context that led to each council, the reasons it was convened, the major events that happened during the council, and the impact of its teachings, then and now.

978-1-62164-511-5  150 pages  £13.99

A Bible Study Guide and Commentary
Stephen K. Ray

Breaks down the Book of Genesis, wrestling with the complex intersection of history and theology. Thoroughly Catholic in his approach, Stephen Ray is unafraid to draw from sources of all kinds: from Jewish and Protestant commentaries, from archaeology, from geography, and even from modern literature.

978-1-58617-681-5  472 pages  £17.99

The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful
A History in Three Dimensions
Joseph Pearce

No one has seen this three-dimensional pattern in the tapestry of history more clearly than Benedict XVI. In words of beauty and brilliance, Pope Benedict speaks of the goodness of the saints and the beauty of art as the only antidote to the dark thread of evil which runs through the whole of human history. All three threads are interwoven in the history of man because they are all interwoven in the heart of man. Inspired by this understanding of history by Pope Benedict, Joseph Pearce presents the history of the past two millennia in the light of this three-dimensional pattern of the good, the bad and the beautiful.

978-1-62164-534-4   300 pages   £16.50

He Gave Us So Much
A Tribute to Benedict XVI

Cardinal Robert Sarah

“…you will find in this book a general idea of the soul of Joseph Ratzinger. I tried to recall the times when, furtively, he opened up the secret recesses of his heart. These moments outline an original path to God. They compose the portrait of a saint. They invite us to follow him. To this I added various texts that I had published over the years.In them you may discover an unexpected, unknown Benedict XVI. In them you perceive the coherence of the immense treasure that he left to us. “ Cardinal Robert Sarah

978-1-62164-684-6   250 pages  £19.99 Hardback

Science at the Doorstep to God
Science and Reason in Support of God,
the Soul, and Life after Death
Fr Robert Spitzer, S.J

This is the most comprehensive scientific treatment of God and the afterlife to date. It combines natural scientific method, metaphysical method, medical studies, anthropological and genetics studies, and phenomenological descriptions, showing how each distinct method and data set reinforces the others.

978-1-62164-636-5   315 pages  £16.50

There and Back Again
A Somewhat Religious Odyssey
Fr Dwight Longennecker

This is a unique tale of one man's spiritual adventure, tracing God's unusual plan of providence from 1950s America to England and back again. Dwight Longenecker's conversion story is a roller coaster ride through fundamentalism, Oxford, Cambridge, and the modern Catholic Church.

978-1-62164-626-6  210 pages  £15.50

Ways of Confucius and of Christ
From Prime Minister of China to Benedictine Monk
Dom Pierre-Celestin, OSB

This book tells the extraordinary story of Dom Pierre-Celestin Lu Zhengxiang. Lu was a diplomat and statesman serving China for over 30 years, including appointments as Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and representing China at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. In 1911, Lu converted to Roman Catholicism, and became one of the most distinguished Chinese Catholics of the past two centuries. He became a Benedictine in 1927, and sought to transmit the fruits of the Benedictine life to his fellow countrymen and women.

978-1-62164-640-2  205 pages  £14.99

What is Christianity?
The Last Writings
Pope Benedict XVI

Near the end of his life Pope Benedict XVI and editor Elio Guerriero gathered together a whole volume of new material, dealing with the themes closest to his heart. The pope asked that it be published upon his death. This final work takes up a kaleidoscopic array of themes: the Christian faith’s relationship with other religions, especially Judaism and Islam; the theology and reform of the liturgy; the priesthood; the saints; the Eucharist; the travesty of abuse; the beauty of nature; Italian and German culture; and much more.

978-1-62164-655-6  230 pages  £19.99 Hardback
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