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    Spring/Summer 2023 Titles

Adam and Eve after the Pill, Revisited
Mary Eberstadt

Celebrated author Mary Eberstadt continues her ground-breaking examination of the true legacy of the sexual revolution. The book’s predecessor, Adam and Eve after the Pill (2012), dissected the revolution’s microcosmic fallout via its empirical effects on the lives of today’s men, women, and children. This follow-on book tackles, as no other book, the revolution’s macrocosmic transformations in three wider spheres: society, politics, and Church.

978-1-62164-612-9   200 pages   £16.50

Benedict XVI

Servant of Love
Benedicte Delelis (Editor)

Through stunning photographs, glorious art, insightful commentary, and his own inspiring words, this beautiful deluxe commemorative book celebrates the extraordinary life and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI. Lavishly illustrated. Special Commemorative Edition

978-1-62164-594-8  128 pages  £14.99

Blessed Carlo Acutis
A Saint in Sneakers
Courtney Mares

 Vatican journalist Courtney Mares traveled in the footsteps of Acutis in the Italian cities of Milan and Assisi to write this biography, which weaves storytelling with well-researched reporting to tell the inspiring story of a modern saint. Drawing on the testimonies of the numerous lives changed by Carlo, this book paints a portrait of Carlo as seen through the eyes of his family, friends, teachers, and classmates.

978-1-62164-544-3    240 pages   £14.99

Christendom Lost and Found
Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Era
Fr Robert McTeigue, SJ

Inspired by Saint Augustine's The City of God, Christendom Lost and Found is an on-the-scene account of a cleric and scholar facing the accelerating convulsions of the West and of the Church, offering us insights, corrective guidance, and reasons for hope. Anyone who knows he has a debt to pay to the Christian past and the Christian future will benefit from this book.

978-1-62164-593-1   125 pages   £14.99

Confession of a Catholic Worker
Our Moment of Christian Witness
Larry Chapp. Ph.D.

Using the theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar, Peter Maurin, and Dorothy Day, Chapp argues that the real remedy to the disease of sin is not niceness, not political liberation, not fancy liturgical dress, not technical rigor, but a free decision to live totally and joyfully in Jesus Christ, without compromise.

978-1-62164-566-5   205 pages  £14.99

How I Became a Man

A Life with Communists, Atheists, and Other Nice People
Alexander Krylov

This book takes us into the heart of the Soviet Union, where Alexander Krylov grew up as an underground Catholic in the 1970s and 1980s, never even entering a church until he was a teenager. How does faith in God live on when God is outlawed? How I Became a Man shows us, offering glimpses at the everyday reality of Communism through the eyes of a child, with humour, irony, and a keen sense of human goodness. A courageous, joyous, even whimsical testimony of living the Catholic faith in today's world.

978-1-62164-577-1  162 pages  £14.99

In the Stars the Glory of His Eyes
Tales of an Irish Tour Guide in Rome
K. Troy

Written with humour and a sense of wonder:stories unfold in some of the most evocative Catholic settings: Vatican City, the Holy House of Nazareth in Loreto, the shrine of Saint Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo, the Carmel of Saint Thérèse in Lisieux, the Cathedral of Wawel in Krakow, the magnificent Abbey of Montecassino, and many other sacred places. Traveling alongside these Irish pilgrims—and helped by Troy's rich historical knowledge—the reader will see these famous shrines with new eyes

978-1-62164-520-7  267 pages  £15.50

Hugh O’Flaherty
The Irish Priest Who Resisted the Nazis
Fiorella de Maria

Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty was working in the Vatican when dictator Benito Mussolini fell from power and Germany invaded Italy in 1943. This courageous Irish priest who resisted the Nazi occupation was made famous by the movie, The Scarlet and the Black, starring Gregory Peck. This book, the 35th in the Vision series, brings to life for a younger audience the incredible story of how at great risk to themselves, Monsignor O'Flaherty and his equally brave friends—priests, nuns, and lay men and women, including a few aristocrats—saved thousands of lives.

978-1-62164-578-8  196 pages  £10.99

Let Beauty Speak
The Art of Being Human in a Culture of Noise
Jimmy Mitchell

From embracing childlike wonder to integrating prayer, work, and leisure into your everyday life, this is your how-to guide for evangelizing others by first living your humanity well. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Turn these principles into a way of life, and you’ll join the long line of saints whose holiness was the remedy for the isolation, confusion, and meaninglessness of their times.

978-1-62164-606-8  190 pages  £14.99

Healing and Rebirth
Sophie Delay and Thierry Hubert

This gorgeously illustrated and beautifully written collection immerses readers from afar in the great mystery of Lourdes. Mary’s profound theological message to Bernadette—“I am the Immaculate Conception”—still resounds through our world today. Lourdes: Healing and Rebirth unfolds the meaning of this enigmatic event and shows us how it can change the way we live.

978-1-62164-576-4   250 pages  £24.99

József Cardinal Mindszenty

The moving full story of the legendary hero-priest who has come to be regarded as a symbol of Christian and national resistance to Communism. His brave, uncompromising leadership against the atheistic totalitarian government set the example and laid the foundation for the strong, outspoken Christian leadership and witness of the Hungarian Church today.

978-1-62164-585-6  450 pages  £18.99

Pray. Think. Act.
Lessons in Decision Making from the Desert Fathers
Fr Augustine Wetta, OSB

In the sequel to his best-selling Humility Rules, Fr. Augustine Wetta reaches further back into monastic history to answer one of the most critical questions facing young people today: "How do I make up my mind?"  With his characteristic wit and novel approach to classical art, Father Augustine looks to the wisdom of the Desert Fathers to unearth an ancient and highly efficient method for resolving life’s most pressing dilemmas—even in the midst of distractions, temptations, and disruptions. As he did in Humility Rules, Father Wetta illustrates each chapter with colour reproductions of sacred art that he has embellished with comic flourishes.

978-1-62164-581-8  195 pages  £14.99

The Sexual Revolution
History, Ideology, Power
Bishop Peter J. Elliott

Traces the history of the sexual revolution from the early days of the Enlightenment through Marxist movements to our own times, and the failure of governments and even churches to defend sound principles for sexual behavior. Records the constant teaching of popes and Church councils and highlights their focus on the integration of sexual morality and personality within the contexts of human nature, marriage, and the welfare of children.

978-1-62164-575-7  182 pages  £14.99

The Singing-Masters
The Church Fathers from Greek East to Latin West
Fr Aidan Nichols, OP

Pope Benedict XVI stimulated the renewal of popular interest in the Church Fathers and their theological doctrine by several sets of addresses at general audiences - later published by Ignatius Press.  This book aims to take further that enterprise by giving an in-depth account of the theological achievement of sixteen of the Fathers, eight from the Greek East, eight from the Latin West.  

978-1-62164-543-6  380 pages  £16.50

Theology in Practice
A Beginner’s Guide to the Spiritual Life
Fr Rock Kereszty & Fr Denis Farkasfalvy

Instead of the neo-scholastic, ascetic-mystical treatises, this unique work presents the concrete dynamism of the spiritual life, relying on modern insights and on the spiritual theology of the great St. Bernard of Clairvaux. It shows how the entire Christian doctrine reaches its goal as “spirit and life.”

978-1-62164-625-9  315 pages  £15.50

What is Christianity?
The Last Writings
Pope Benedict XVI

Near the end of his life Pope Benedict XVI and editor Elio Guerriero gathered together a whole volume of new material, dealing with the themes closest to his heart. The pope asked that it be published upon his death. This final work takes up a kaleidoscopic array of themes: the Christian faith’s relationship with other religions, especially Judaism and Islam; the theology and reform of the liturgy; the priesthood; the saints; the Eucharist; the travesty of abuse; the beauty of nature; Italian and German culture; and much more.

978-1-62164-655-6  230 pages  £19.99 Hardback  

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