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Advent Meditations
Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, General Editor
Wonderful daily meditations for the Season of Advent to guide you through each day to help you "Wait
in Joyful Hope."

9780970402219 - 75 pages - £6.99


Lenten Meditations
Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, General Editor
From Ash Wednesday through Holy Week, including the Last Seven Words of Christ, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday

9780970402240 - 160 pages - £6.99

The Bible and the Mass - 4th Edition
Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas
Let yourself be taken step by step through the Mass. This work explains the parts of the Mass, giving scriptural references and explanations for the various actions and prayers. Each chapter ends with study questions geared toward group discussion. Perfect for the Bible study, theology class, or prayer group, or to simply deepen your own understanding of the Church's highest form of prayer, the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

9780988188839 - 123 pages - £7.99

Newman's Idea of a University
The American Response
Edited by Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas and Patrick J. Reilly
Papers presented at the November 2001 conference of the Cardinal Newman Society in Washington D.C.
This small volume contains a variety of weighty topics concerning the Catholic university in America as treated by practitioners in the field of higher education, including the Revs. Ian Ker, Stephen M. Fields, S.J., C. John McCloskey, Peter Stravinskas, and Professors William Marshner, Alan Kors, John E. Murray, with a foreword and conclusion by two prelates committed to the advancement of Catholic academic excellence. Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss of Omaha and Every Cardinal Dulles, S.J. Those especially interested in the preservation/recapturing of Catholic identity at Catholic universities will gain a new appreciation for the university as a gift to the world, born from "the heart of the Church."

0970402236  - 107 pages - £12.99

Recovering a Catholic Philosophy of Elementary Education
by Curtis L. Hancock
A book long-awaited, this text examines elementary education in light of Catholic philosophy, revealing many of the unexamined presuppositions that underlie various forms of education practiced today. Professor Hancock shows that a truly Catholic philosophy of education is capable of understanding and responding to these currents clearly, critically and profitably.
This work is ideal for use in philosophy of education courses at the graduate and
undergraduate levels, as well as serving as a source-book for the in-service programs for
Catholic elementary school teachers, indeed the first book of its kind in English in more than four decades.

0970402287  - 142 pages - £16.50

The Daughter of Eve Unfallen
Mary in the Theology and Spirituality of John Henry Newman
Rev. Nicholas L. Gregoris, S.T.D.
This book focuses on Mary's cooperation in the work of salvation, with particular attention to what Cardinal Newman has to say on her role of mediation in her son's redemptive sacrifice, using his writing and theological principles to help see the best - and truly traditional way - of both understanding and using these titles. A reference point for all who will in the future write on the subject of Our Lady, especially on her cooperation in the work of redemption.

9780970402271 -  656 pages - £17.99 Out of Print

Be To Me A Father and a Priest
Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas
Father Stravinskas has assembled an anthology of his writings on the priesthood covering a period of 35 years. The work is comprised of three main sections: popular articles (e.g., In National Catholic Register, Our Sunday Visitor, Priest); homilies for First Masses and ordination anniversaries; scholarly lectures and papers.

9780977884636 - 300 pages - £12.50

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