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Compassionate Presence
The Trinitarian Spirituality of Adrienne von Speyr
Matthew Lewis Sutton

In the  Apostles’ Creed, we speak the fourth line that Jesus Christ “suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; he went down to the dead (ad inferno—to hell).” This mysterious line of Christ’s descent to hell generated a deep mystical spirituality in Adrienne von Speyr. This book sheds light on Adrienne’s mystical encounter with the inner life and intense love of the Trinity and a rediscovery of the extreme compassion of God to rescue us back to his compassionate presence.

978-1-62138-868-5  228 pages  £17.00

Cardinal Schuster’s Commentary
on the
Holy Rule of Saint Benedict
Aldredo Ildefonso Cardinal Schuster

Schuster’s expert knowledge of patristic, canonical, and papal sources illuminates many otherwise obscure lines of the Rule, bringing its subtle genius into sharp relief. In amidst all the details of ancient, medieval, and modern history that fill the work, Schuster never loses sight of the Rule’s fundamental goal: through charity, to bring souls seeking God to the heavenly fatherland of divine union. This edition contains the Latin text of the Rule, accompanied by a fresh and quite literal English translation

978-1-62138-899-9  386 pages  £22.00

The Logic of Conversion
The Harmony of Heart, Will, Mind, and Imagination
in John Henry
Robert C. Christie

This study follows the trail of how Newman “came to know what he knew” in order to shed further light on his conversion journey. Newman’s pilgrimage has proven to be of archetypal significance to religious seekers for well over a century.  The author’s hope is that this present book may reformulate and rejuvenate Newman’s conversion story for a whole new generation.

978-1-62138-876-0   400 pages   £25.50

The Mystery of Identity
Luke Bell, OSB

This book guides the reader through our culture’s concerns about identity

and along the spiritual path that leads to the receiving of “a white

Stone, with a new name written on it that no one knows except the

one who receives it.

978-1-62138-832-6  246 pages  £16.00

Ordered by Love
An Introduction to John Duns Scotus
Thomas M.Ward

Widely recognized as one of the most original and influential philosophers and theologians of the Middle Ages.Here you will discover his understanding of the relationship between faith and reason, his doctrine of individuation by “haecceity” (thisness), his theory of the univocity of the concept of being, his emphasis on God’s freedom and its supposed consequences for moral theory, his defense of Mary’s immaculate conception, and his teaching on the primacy of Christ

978-1-62138-881-4  174 pages  £16.00

The Secret of the Cure D’Ars
Henri Ghéon

Henri Ghéon's portrayal of Saint John Vianney is thoroughly engaging while avoiding being overly sentimental; he presents a man of great holiness and inner turmoil, but most of all, of dedication to his parish and community.

978-162138-858-6   220 pages  £15.50

The Secret of the Little Flower
Henri Ghéon

In The Secret of the Little Flower Thérèse is shown as a child innately proud, passionate, and self-willed; a woman possessing flaws as well as true greatness and originality. Ghéon here has performed the great service of bringing the true "little flower" to light.

978-1-62138-860-9    256 pages  £15.50

Sermon in a Sentence
A Treasury of Quotations on the Spiritual Life From Pope Benedict XVI
Selected and Arranged by John P McClernon

Hundreds of short quotations and sayings taken from Benedict’s papal

writings, addresses, and homilies have been classified by the Christian virtues of which they speak, and then categorized according to the mysteries of the Rosary and the great themes of prayer, the Church, the Mass, the papacy, Sacred Scripture, the priesthood, and the saints

978-1-61238-903-3    244 pages   £15.50

Union with God
According to the Letters of Direction of Dom Marmion
Blessed Columba Marmion

Union with God reveals a man speaking not only from the experience of the mind, but also from the depths of his own soul. These letters find Marmion employing his vast theological knowledge to give advice that is at once practical and profound, simple and extraordinary. The attentive reader will quickly understand why even popes and bishops looked to him for inspiration and counsel

978-1-62138-887-6     298 pages     £17.50

Unwanted Priest
The Autobiography of a Latin Mass Exile
Bryan Houghton

The memoirs of a devout convert and committed priest who resigned his curacy in Bury St Edmunds following the upheavals of Vatican II. An insightful account of why a priest would choose rather to be “unwanted” than to betray his innermost convictions.

978-1-62138-811-1   206 pages  £16.00

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