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Cardinal Hinsley, Priest and Patriot               

James Hagerty

Following the Catholic Church through one of the most tumultuous periods of the twentieth century, faith and politics meet in this engaging and meticulously-researched study.

978 0 85244 842 7   416 pages   Illustrated £20.00   

The English Vicars Apostolic           

Nicholas Schofield & Gerrrd Skinner

The dramatic Church history from the exile of James II to the restoration of the Hierarchy in 1850.  During this relatively unknown and misunderstood period, the Catholic Church in England and Wales was led by Vicars Apostolic, local missionary bishops with authority from Rome.

978 1 907380 01 3 hb  256 pages   Illustrated £20.00

The English Reformation                                   

Peter Milward

This book explores the ways in which the Reformation left its mark on England in those turbulent years of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.  It shows how the Reformation grew from being a political issue about the King’s divorce to one which affected the whole fabric of society.

978 0 85244 837 3      126 pages £7.99

The Sacraments and the Mystery of Christ       

Francis Selman

The author looks beyond the signs and symbols to reveal the underlying theology of the sacraments as an encounter with Christ.

978 0 85244 840 3  190 pages £9.99  

A Guide to the Eucharist                          

Francis Selman

A vigorous study of Eucharistic doctrine.  It is based on Scripture, the Fathers, and St Thomas, with more than the occasional citations of recent popes.     Fr Aidan Nichols

978 1 871217 57 5  160 pages £9.99

Behold the Lamb of God                               

Pope Benedict XVI

The reflections in this book on the Eucharist are drawn from the writings and addresses of Pope Benedict XVI  from his election in 2005 until the end of 2009.

978 1 907380 02 0  112  pages £7.99

Regina Caeli                                             

Pope Benedict XVI

Reflections on Our Lady.  Throughout this book, Pope Benedict warmly encourages everyone to imitate Our Lady’s positive response to the call of God.

978 1 907380 05 1  124 pages £9.99

Criticising the Critics                                      

Aidan Nichols

Insightful and forthright, Fr Nichols delivers a comprehensive set of apologies to defend the Catholic faith from its most vocal critics – both inside and outside the Church.

978 1 907380 04 4  176 pages £7.99

Humanae Vitae                  

G J Woodall

Forty Years On   

978 0 85244 861 8    224 pages   £12.99

The Pallium                   

Gerard Skinner

A brief guide to its history and significance of the pallium – this simple yet beautiful symbol of divine service.

978 1 871217 64 3   80 pages     colour illustrations  £6.99

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