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Selected 2023 titles

Aquinas’s Lenten Meditations
40 Day’s with the Angelic Doctor
Saint Thomas Aquinas

A magnificent treasury of sixty-three of Aquinas’s Scripture-based sermons specially selected for the holy season. From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, you’ll learn how to deepen your prayer life, conquer temptation, resist the evils incurred by sin, and equip yourself for spiritual battle.

978-1-64413-706-2  220 pages  £14.99

Compendium of the Catholic Faith
Bishop Athanasius Schneider

For the first time in over fifty years, a Catholic bishop has published his own comprehensive presentation of the Faith—what to believe, how to live, and how to pray as Christ taught. Sure to be a classic for generations to come, This book offers a clear and readable summary of Catholicism as a whole, given in the pastoral style of the apostles. Bishop Schneider shares a bold new articulation of timeless truths, while also engaging current issues with courage and kindness.

978-1-64413-940-0  496 pages  £19.99 Hardback

Everyday Miracles of Lourdes
Twenty Extraordinary Experiences Along the Way to the Grotto
Marlene Watkins

Though they escape the notice of many, stunning miracles of healing take place each and every day at Our Lady’s Grotto in Lourdes, France. Inexplicable, biblical-like healings of body, mind, and spirit leave visitors with the gifts of peace and renewed faith. Here is the book that will move you, deepen your faith in Our Lady’s active involvement in our world, and help you personally encounter Our Lord.

978-1-68278-344-3   272 pages  £16.50

Evidence of Satan in the Modern World
Msgr. Léon Cristiani

Modern man tends to fall into two traps when considering Satan: many either ignore his existence or become enthralled with demonology. This classic book, heralded as one of the best ever written on demonic possession, offers chilling accounts of possessions, both dated and recent, and exorcisms that are strikingly similar, whether conducted in France, Italy, Vietnam, or elsewhere. Among others, you will learn how the Evil One attacked St John Vianney - a master in prayer and one of the holiest confessors in Church history - with temptations and demonic infestations. Many witnessed his presbytery shake and heard horrifying sounds, especially when he would hear the confession of a great sinner the following day.

978-1-64413-846-5  304 pages  £16.50

For Eternity
Restoring the Priesthood and Our Spiritual Fatherhood
Robert Cardinal Sarah

Collected here are the writings of the greatest saints to help priests rediscover the essence of their priesthood so the people of God can renew their gaze upon them. This is not a treatise of academic theology, Cardinal Sarah explains, but a theology of the saints that is contemplative and spiritual as well as practical and concrete.

                    978-1-68278-291-0  256 pages £19.99 Hardback

Holy Silence
A Practical Guide to Recollection in God
Basil Nortz

Masterfully builds upon the classic reflections of Sr. Marie-Aimée de Jésus, a nineteenth-century spiritual mystic and Carmelite nun, on the twelve degrees of silence. By cultivating these types of silence, you will find out how you can — even amid your busy days filled with chatter, commotion, and noise — listen to the voice of God.

978-1-64413-910-3  208 pages  £14.99

The Interior Life of St Thomas Aquinas
Martin Grabmann

St Thomas Aquinas’ intellectual prowess is well known but the private spiritual life of this illustrious Doctor of the Church has received less attention. In this revealing book by a foremost authority on Aquinas, you will gain insights into Aquinas’s heart through his works and the acts of his canonization process. It highlights three areas in the saint’s interior life: wisdom, charity, and peace. Through St Thomas’s own words you will come to understand how and why he learned more at the feet of the Crucified One than in the innumerable books he read.

979-8-88911-092-7   144 pages   £14.99  

My Days with Benedict XVI
Msgr. Alfred Xuereb

Few popes have been so misrepresented and maligned for their steadfast defense of the truth as Pope Benedict XVI. Here Msgr. Alfred Xuereb, one of his personal secretaries, shares an intimate look at the daily life of the late pontiff and his witness to the Faith. These precious pages, full of photos, serve to set the historical record straight, as Msgr. Xuereb elucidates never-before-shared details of his spiritual father’s holiness, which will help you grow in yours.

979-8-88911-045-3  400 pages  £19.99 Hardback

A Primer on Fundamental Moral Theology
Fr Brian Thomas Becket Mulladay, O.P., S.T.D.

This book is invaluable for anyone who wants a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of Catholic moral teaching. In these powerful pages, Fr Mullady unpacks how the Church is called to help form the culture and not vice versa. He explains a spectrum of truths, from man’s ultimate end, to the role of the will, to conscience and responsibility, to types of sins, virtues, and laws, and ultimately, to grace.

978-1-68278-360-3    336 pages  £17.99

The Roots of a Christian Civilization
First Principles of a Just and Ordered Society
Fr Brian Mullady, O.P.

Abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, and socialized medicine are all rampant today, and more and more receive the blessing of the civil law — even in countries traditionally considered to be Catholic. In these incisive pages,This book answers the question: Should law implement morality or not? He provides you with a compendium of accessible answers to a range of questions on spiritual and moral theology.

978-1-68278-370-2  224 pages  £15.50

The Saint Edmund Campion Missal
For the Traditional Latin Mass

Perhaps the most beautiful and accessible missal ever published, This Missal stands alone among Extraordinary Form missals, serving as an elegant and dignified congregational book presenting the Traditional Latin Mass. Lavishly designed with large fonts, beautiful artwork, photographs, and Gregorian chant. Featuring not only the Sunday and Feast Day propers and readings in both Latin and English, it also has plainchant for the Kyria, Gloria, Credo, and Sanctus. Also, other sacraments and rites in the Extraordinary Form, such as marriage, confirmation, and funerals.

978-1-64413-455-9  832 pages  £24.99 Hardback

The Secret of the Cure D’Ars
Henri Gheon
Foreword by G.K. Chesterton

The life of St. John Vianney (1784–1859) was marked by boundless humility and obedience to God. Acclaimed dramatist Henri Ghéon presents a model of great holiness whom all readers can appreciate. Vianney “cured souls and bodies,” he writes. “He read hearts like a book. And the Blessed Virgin visited him, and the foul fiend dragged him by the heels but could not prevent him from being a saint.”

978-1-64413-844-1   176 pages  £14.99

The Shroud of Jesus
And the Sign John Ingeniously Concealed
Gilbert Lavoie

Invites you on a fascinating adventure to examine the Shroud of Turin, juxtaposing scientific findings with John’s Gospel account of the death and resurrection of Jesus. This story of the life of Jesus comes alive through relatable, real-world scientific witnesses who explore whether the image on the shroud is the work of human hands, a natural phenomenon, or a supernatural event. Highly illustrated.

978-1-64413-886-1  256 pages  £16.50

St. Paul’s Eight Steps to Happiness
Kevin Vost

Here is the book that will help you climb St. Paul’s “eight steps,” to attain happiness, holiness, and Heaven. Best selling author Kevin Vost breaks open St. Paul’s life and spirituality through the lens of St. Thomas Aquinas as well as other saintly and noble men and women. You will see how human knowledge (e.g. science and philosophy) point to the truth of the Divine and how the virtues St. Paul proposes in his letter to the Philippians lead to abiding joy.

978-1-64413-776-5  240 pages  £15.50

Understanding St Paul
A Concise Guide to His Theology, His Letters, and His Life
Bob Evans

Lays out how St. Paul’s letters are organized and his view about important topics including grace, the struggle against evil, and the resurrection of the dead. Best of all, you will grow in knowledge of and fervor for the Holy Eucharist, Sacraments and charisms. Saint Paul will teach you how Christology evolved and ways to most prudently order your life. Also provided are guidelines based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church for understanding Scripture.

978-1-64413-814-4  192 pages  £15.50

Vatican Confidential
A Candid Conversation with Cardinal Gerhard Muller
Cardinal Gerhard Műller

In this riveting, thorough, and uncensored interview by Vatican correspondent Franca Giansoldati, the German theologian explains the doctrinal confusion wrought by various themes of the Francis papacy that risks fanning the flames of heresies old and new. With a magnifying glass, he examines topics ranging from Vatican foreign policy to the handling of the pedophilia scandals, from gender, abortion, and end of life to the abdication of Benedict XVI, from the Ukraine war to the risk of schism and predictions for the next conclave.

979-8-88911-104-7  128 pages  £14.99

The Habsburg Way
Seven Rules for Turbulent Times
Eduard Habsburg, Archduke of Austria

ew families in history are as renowned as the Habsburgs, one of the principal sovereign dynasties of Europe from the thirteenth to the twentieth century. These enthralling pages provide glimpses into the lives of their esteemed members. The lessons that their lives teach will help guide your family in faith and will help you live in peaceful prosperity and grow in holiness. Their maxims could also provide a roadmap for healing the world we live in.

978-1-64413-810-6  176 pages  £16.50 Hardback

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