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Selected 2020 -2021 titles

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25 Ways to Crush the Serpent

Compiled from the writings of Dom Lorenzo Scupoli, St. Robert Bellarmine, and St. Alphonsus Liguori, this book also includes prayers and excerpts from the Missale Romanum and other traditional sources and will give you the tools to enter and win the battle with evil…with God’s grace.

978-1-50511-758-5   56 pages  £3.99

Christ Unfurled
The First 500 Years of Jesus’s Life
Father David Meconi

Just as the Lord unfurls himself into the Eucharist, Jesus Christ also extends his divinely human presence into his Mystical Body, the Church. By focusing on the development of the early Church and the first 4 ecumenical councils in particular, these pages trace that development over the first 500 years of Jesus's life on earth.

978-1-50511-032-6  256 pages  £23.50 Out of Print

Crown of the Virgin
An Ancient Meditation of Mary’s Beauty, Virtue, and Sanctity
Father Robert Nixon, OSB

This beautiful, moving and ornate literary portrait, imaginatively and lyrically fashions a magnificent crown for the Blessed Virgin Mary, decorated with twelve radiant jewels, six brilliant stars and six fragrant flower blossoms. Each of these is interpreted as representing a particular aspect of the beauty, beneficence, virtue or sanctity of the Blessed Virgin.  Each chapter reveals a new and scintillating glimpse into the glories of Mary, sure to inspire the heart of the reader with ever more ardent devotion to the Mother of God, the vessel of all graces and the paradigm and perfection of every virtue. As a guide to meditation and a catalyst for prayer, Crown of the Virgin is an illuminating mirror of the beauty and splendour of the one who is herself the refulgent and immaculate image of her Divine Son.

978-1-50511-784-4  144 pages  £19.99 Hardback

Epic Saints
Wild, Wonderful, and Weird Stories of God’s Heroes
Shaun McAfee

If the saints have never made you laugh or drop your jaw, they will in this book. Bestselling author Shaun McAfee (Reform Yourself!, Filling Our Father’s House) and guest writers illustrate how the saints were not just stone-faced old men. Some of them had quirky habits, outrageous personalities, and did breathtaking deeds...but they all had epic faith.

978-1-50511-512-3   232 pages  £14.99

Finding Vigano
In Search of the Man Whose Testimony Shook the Church
and the World
Robert Moynihan

Readers will appreciate the insights into the man provided through

interviews, while those unfamiliar with the drama of the Testimony and all that has transpired since will, after reading, have a better understanding of the key issues and players involved.

978-1-50511-619-9  424 pages  £24.99 Hardback

Inside the Light
Understanding the Message of Fatima
Sr. Angela de Fatima Coelho

Sr. Angela brings this unique and privileged perspective to the story of Fatima, going beyond a chronicle of the events to the theological meaning of the Fatima message, as well as taking a deeper look at the lives and spiritualities of each of the three seers. Relying on her extensive research as postulator and vice postulator for their causes and on her own personal story, touched early by suffering only to be healed by the embrace of Our Lady of Fatima, she helps readers discover the relevancy of this message for our post-modern world.

978-1-50511-607-6  160 pages  £23.50 Hardback

Marian Consecration with Aquinas
Matt Fradd and Fr. Gregory Pine, OP

St. Louis de Montfort’s classic Total Consecration to Mary has seen a strong resurgence in recent years, with Catholics around the world consecrating themselves to Our Lady. Building off this momentum, we wanted to encourage this closeness to Jesus through Mary, but with a preparation that reflected the Church’s love for St. Thomas Aquinas.

978-1-50511-490-4  80 pages  £12.50

Mysteries of the Rosary
Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries
Anne Catherine Emmerich

Here is a unique work, arranged through the eyes of the great mystic, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Discover her magnificent and terrifying visions that will bring the Rosary to life and help you to more fully contemplate the lives of Jesus and Mary in this great prayer.

978-1-50511-382-2  136 pages  £13.99

Padre Pio
Encounters with a Spiritual Daughter from Pietrelcina
Graziella DeNunzio Mandato

A treasury of personal encounters with Padre Pio and a wealth of insight into the vibrant spirituality of an extraordinary saint, Graziella’s newly expanded memoirs will lead readers to a more profound love of the Padre with a deep and abiding love for his children.

978-1-50511-781-3   168 pages  £19.99 Hardback

Spiritual Direction from Dante
Ascending Mount Purgatory
Father Paul Pearson

Join Father Paul Pearson of the Oratory as he guides you on a spiritual journey through one of the great classics of Christian literature, Dante’s Purgatorio. Purgatory is the least understood of the three possible “destinations” when we die (though unlike heaven or hell it is not an eternal one) and is mysterious to many Christians and even to many Catholics today. As he did in his first volume in the Spiritual Direction from Dante trilogy, Avoiding the Inferno, Father Pearson adroitly draws out the great spiritual insights hidden in The Divine Comedy.

978-1-50511-753-0  416 pages  £19.99 Hardback

Theology of Home
Finding the Eternal in the Everyday
Carrie Gress, Noelle Mering and Megan Schreiber

Written by three wives and mothers, Theology of Home is a simple guide to help reorient all of us toward our true home, allowing us to think purposefully about how to make our own homes on earth better equipped to get all those living in them to the Father’s house. Featuring more than 100 beautiful (and inspiring) photographs from homes around the country, profound words from the saints and other literary figures, and in depth commentary on the theological and spiritual underpinnings of our love for Home, Theology of Home offers readers a tour of the both the Home and the human heart.

978-1-50511-365-5   236 colour pages   £26.99 Hardback

Theology of Home II
The Spiritual Art of Homemaking
Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering

Filled with beautiful photography and interviews with several inspiring women, this book shines new light on the role of a homemaker as it relates the deepest truths of the Faith with an honest and fearless understanding of the modern world. Rather than looking to the 1950s for inspiration, Gress and Mering forge a new
path by looking at the gifts women can offer those they love

978-1-50511-700-4    236 pages colour  £26.99 Hardback

Wisdom of the Heart
Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft takes up the mantle of Dietrich von Hildebrand and plumbs the depths of that most misunderstood (by the world) and overlooked (by philosophers and theologians) part of the human being. Kreeft examines the two common understandings of the heart’s purpose and shows how they are not at odds, but rather different (and essential) facets: Feeling and Emotion, and Love. This book is a psychological aid to understanding the philosophy behind St. John Paul’s “Theology of the Body” while exploring the three dimensions of persons: the will, the mind, and the emotions, and their three loves: the good, the true, and the beautiful.

978-1-50511-441-6   388 pages £23.50

A Year with the Mystics
Kathryn Jean Lopez

Mysticism is not some foreign and remote life of prayer for poets and saints in heaven; rather, it is the call for every Christian to draw more deeply and profoundly from the heart of Christ in prayer.

978-1-50510-904-7   392 pages  £37.50 Ultrasoft

101 Surprising Facts About Mary
Fr David Vincent Meconi, SJ

Unpack the mystery that is the Mother of God, a woman who barely speaks in scripture and yet is venerated by millions. A swift walk through history will uncover the Church’s rich Marian treasury and draw you closer to your spiritual mother, so that she can draw you closer to her Son.

978-1-50511-614-4  107 colour pages  £16.50

Blessed Charles of Austria
A Holy Emperor and His Legacy
Charles Coulombe

Brings to bear the author’s vast erudition, affection for Catholic monarchy, and assorted contacts close to the Hapsburg family, through his residence in Austria in the production of a biography of a man whose thrilling and event-filled life story deserves to be better known.

978-1-50511-328-0  264 pages  £23.50 Hardback

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