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Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Catholic Faith
Paul Thigpen

Recent developments in astrophysics, technology, and UFO-related disclosures by the Pentagon have reawakened the public discussion about ETI. Here is a thorough guide to navigating the conversation from a faithful Catholic perspective.

978 1 50512 013 4  456 pages  £24.99 Hardback

A Garden for Mary
Janet Morana
A Garden for Mary is a lyrical children’s story that gets to the root of devotion to Jesus’s mother through sacred prayer and scripture. With classic watercolours of vibrant blooms, buzzing bees, and curious chipmunks, families seeking an introduction to the rich Catholic tradition of Marian Gardens will find a treasured resource to enjoy and pass down from generation to generation. Complete with an illustrated appendix of flowers associated with Our Lady, A Garden for Mary will inspire readers to grow bouquets for heaven and deepen their love for our heavenly mother.

978 1 50512 240 4  40 pages  £15.50 Hardback

John Fisher and Thomas More
Robert J. Conrad, Jr.

Weaves together tales of Saints Thomas More and John Fisher and what made them who they were—family, faith, friendship, oaths, vocation, detachment, conscience—inviting those who strive for holiness down the same narrow path these two martyrs walked with a clarity founded upon the truth of Christ’s Church.

978 1 50511 849 0  200 pages  £19.99 Hardback

Meditations on the Holy Angels
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
For the first time in English,
Meditations on the Holy Angels, Saint Aloysius Gonzaga’s longest and most significant work is offered to readers. Discover this great saint’s love for the holy angels, no doubt a powerful inspiration for his own angelic purity

978 1 50512 633 4  104 pages £16.50 Hardback

The Once and Future Roman Rite
Returning to the Traditional Latin Liturgy

after Seventy Years of Exile
Peter Kwasniewski, PhD
The prominent identifying traits of the classical Roman Rite—and indeed of all traditional rites, Eastern and Western—are absent from the
Novus Ordo, estranging it from their company and making it impossible to call it “the Roman rite.” To respond to this crisis of rupture, we must return fully to the Tridentine Rite, the Roman rite in its robust perennial richness, for which no special permission  is or could ever be needed.

978 1 50512 662 4   472 pages    £27.99 Hardback

Science and the Miraculous
How the Church Investigates the Supernatural
Michael O’Neill
While belief in the supernatural ultimately requires faith, discover in this thorough investigation how science is a gift from God to aid our faith, and to educate our minds about the truths our heart already knows.

978 1 50511 639 7   152 pages     £19.99 Hardback

The Secret of the Holy Face
The Devotion Destined to Save Society
Fr. Lawrence Daniel Carney III
In this powerful book, Father Carney reveals the essence and history of the Holy Face Devotion, her apostles, and how to save society and the Church from her foes.

978 1 50512 266 4  216 pages £23.50 Hardback

The Passion of Christ
Through the Eyes of Mary
St Anslem of Canterbury
 In these pages, you will find two of the most stirring revelations of Christ’s passion and death ever recorded by Doctors of the Church—Saint Anselm, the Magnificent Doctor, along with writings attributed to Saint Bernard, the Mellifluous Doctor. These private revelations given by Our Lady will enhance one’s prayer life while drawing one deeper into the passion narratives of the Gospels.

978 1 50512 797 3  162 pages £16.50 Hardback

Spiritual Direction from Dante
Yearning for Paradise
Father Paul Pearson
Spiritual Direction from Dante: Yearning for Heaven is more than a guide to the last book of Dante’s Divine Comedy. It is an introduction and an invitation to eternal happiness, an invitation that is just as compelling as it was 700 years ago when Dante wrote it.

978-1-50512-381-4  512 pages  £19.99 Hardback

A Tale of Death and Glory
The Acts of St Sebastian and His Companions
St Ambrose of Milan
The heroic examples of Saint Sebastian and his companions inspired others to follow the Lamb of God, even to the point of death, giving their lives as holocausts to the one, true living God rather than worship devils. It is only fitting that another great saint from Milan, Saint Ambrose, detailed the courage and fidelity of these brave soldiers. This book will compel you to stay firm in your faith amidst the growing threats of persecution from secular authorities and to seek heaven with renewed vigour, for “this earthly life passes quickly, like a fleeting dream.”

978-1-50512-826-0  104 pages  £16.50 Hardback

Theology of Home III
At the Sea
Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering
At the Sea serves as a love letter to the time we spend on the beach with our families, romping in the waves, toes in the sand, eyes lingering on the pink sunsets beyond the horizon. All are invited to bring the salty balm of the sea into their home—indeed, into their souls—with this title that enkindles in us a new awareness and appreciation for the majesty and splendour of God and his creation. Includes the characteristically beautiful photography readers have come to know and appreciate from the series that captures home life, nature, family, and of course, the sea.

978-1-50512-293-0  144 pages  £23.50 Hardback

Tradition and the Church
The Story of Sacred Tradition Unfolding Through The Ages
Msgr. George Agius, DD, JCD
The author was a Maltese priest who, in 1897, enrolled at the Gregorian University in Rome, where he became lifelong friends with his classmate Fr. Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pius XII. He was later invited to the newly created Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, where in 1902, he assumed duties as secretary and chancellor of the first bishop. Tradition and the Church is a book every Catholic should read in order to understand and appreciate how the Church has transmitted the Faith since apostolic times.

978-0-89555-821-3 367 pages  £19.99

Wounds of Love
The Story of Saint Padre Pio
Phillip Campbell
Wounds of Love goes beyond mere biography, giving ample room to explore the intense inner life of the great Capuchin saint. Written in an engaging narrative style and beautifully illustrated throughout, Wounds of Love will deepen your love of  Padre Pio. Suitable for ages 10+

978-1-50512-319-7  208 pages  £15.50