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This volume, now in its second edition, tells the remarkable story of Fr Augustine Hoey, a Catholic priest with his roots in the missionary tradition of Anglo-Catholicism, in both the UK and Africa.  Written to mark his 100th birthday this book draws on the personal recollections and writings of Fr Hoey as well as from those who have met him and, in many case, had their lives changed by him

Through various moments of drama, such as surviving a wartime bomb and witnessing the tightening grip of apartheid in South Africa, Fr Hoey’s active life has concealed an inner desire for contemplation and intercessory prayer.  After becoming a Roman Catholic in the 1990’s his work, as confessor, spiritual guide and preacher was based at Westminster Cathedral.  At the age of 98, he moved to Walsingham to fulfil the vocation he felt as an undergraduate on his first visit to the Shrine.

9780907077695        148 pages         £9.95 hb

Trembling on the Edge of Eternity

Fr Augustine Hoey  - A Biographic Memoir

A Pinchin & G Jolly

Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council, fascinating accounts of its progress have come to light in the diaries, letters and journals of Monsignor Lawrence McReavy, held in the Archives of Ushaw College.

Sent as an expert, McReavy found that this duty quickly became a joy as he witnessed the optimism and enthusiasm of the Pope and the Council of Fathers gathered in Rome.  Students, priests and staff at Ushaw College, Durham, were kept abreast of progress in regular letters which dealt not only with matters doctrinal and liturgical, but even culinary and sartorial, as the Council unfolded.

The McReavy archive is a precious resource  - Dom Cuthbert Johnson’s academic work along with his knowledge and experience of life in ecclesiastical Rome, make him uniquely-placed to unlock this important resource.

9780907077671   464 pages      £30.95 hb

Vatican II As I Saw It:

Letters, Journal, Diary and Papers of Lawrence Leslie McReavy

Cuthbert Johnson OSB - Editor

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The Collects for Ordinary Time:
A Study in the Roman Missal
Gerard Moore

As part of the renewal of the liturgical books called for by the Second Vatican Council, the Roman Missal has undergone substantial revision. This has included a revision of the presidential prayers assigned to the priest. Given the central role of the Missal in the worship of the Church, especially as the ecclesia works to renew itself in response to the Council, these prayers merit comprehensive study. (…) This study, focussing on the collects for the Sundays of Ordinary Time, will attempt to ascertain their liturgical theology of the relation of the Christian people to God. This relationship, in fact, appears to be one of the central concerns reflected in these orations. — From the Introduction

Though there may be varied opinions in the field of liturgy all discussion ought to take place in the peace of Christ. Within this tradition the Liturgiam Aestimare series dedicates itself to the irenic study of liturgical texts. Gerard Moore’s volume (…) embodies these very principles. — From the Preface

9780907077725  622 pages  £30.95 hb

Verbum ac Spiritus :
Word and Spirit
Daniel P McCarthy OSB

Conflicting ways to arrange a church are operative in the Order of Mass and in chapter 5 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. The Order of Mass was composed with one in mind, but the liturgy is celebrated in churches built or renovated with the other arrangement in mind. Bringing both to a fruitful tension requires reclaiming the arrangement at the basis of the Order of Mass. This extensive study traces the history, arrangements and theology of the presidential chair as a way of understanding the whole arrangement of architecture for liturgy.

9780907077732  1,152 pages £65.95 hb