Prospective authors

We are always happy to discuss new ideas with prospective authors and to review book proposals. Please submit your manuscript according to our House Style, which you can download here.

Your material will be appraised by us to decide whether it is suitable for our list and, if this seems to be the case, it will be assessed by an expert. It may take several months before a decision is reached on a full-length manuscript. This depends on how soon we manage to find readers and how soon the readers submit their respective reports. If we agree to publish your manuscript then you will receive our written acceptance to publish and a contract will be offered. We may also ask you to submit a complete revised manuscript by an agreed-upon date. It is very important that you consult our style guide when revising in order to avoid delays at all stages.

House  Style Gracewing_Quick_start_guide_for_authors.pdf

Quick Start Guide for authors

Rev. Dr. Paul Haffner
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