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The Mass Explained to Children
Maria Montesorri and Matthew A. Delaney

Instructs in how to prepare for Mass, explains how the altar is set up, and clarifies the meaning and use of the sacred vessels and other elements used during Mass. She describes also the role of the priest, the use and symbolism of vestments, and much more. Then she proceeds—in refreshingly straightforward language, and with abundant illustrations—to follow the order of the Mass as it slowly unfolds in word and gesture. For children of all ages and primer for adults.

978-1-62138-119-8 102 pages  £10.00

The Mystery of Incomprehensible Love
The Eucharistic Message of Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament

These writings, steeped in Sacred Scripture and in the liturgical tradition of Benedictine monasticism, reveal a woman of profound human insights and of supernatural wisdom, a sure guide to holiness with a timeless and universal message that seems providential for precisely this moment in history.

978-1-62138-521-9  184 pages  £16.00

The Radiance of Her Face
A Triptych in Honor of Mary Immaculate
Dom Xavier Perrin and Dom Benedict Hardy

As promised, this precious little book reveals the richness of unapologetic Catholicity, the spiritual beauty that faith imparts, and the devotion to Mary that is the birthright in the faith.

978-1-62138-306-2   106 pages  £12.00

Reclaiming Our Roman Catholic Birthright
The Genius & Timeliness of the Traditional Latin Mass
Peter Kwasniewski

“Having recently rediscovered the Traditional Latin Mass, my spirit has been soaring ever since. I found Peter Kwasniewski’s writings to be a wonderful resource, erudite without being academically forbidding. This book could
change your spiritual life forever.”
Janet E. Smith

978-1-62138-535-6   388 pages   £19.50

The Secret of Benedict XVI
Is He Still the Pope?
Anotnio Socci

The author hypothesizes that supernatural events may lie at the root of Benedict’s choice to ‘resign’. In this vein, the reader is directed to an ancient prophecy in need of deciphering in relation to Benedict XVI, as well as a new, unpublished account of words spoken by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, which concern not only the Church but the whole world..

978-1-62138-458-8   184 pages   £16.00

St. Thomas Aquinas

According to Chesterton, "once Christ had Risen, it was inevitable that Aristotle should rise again." The synthesis between Christianity and Aristotle could only strengthen the believer's affirmation of the reality and goodness of created being; and also a strange kind of interconnectedness where "the study of the humblest fact will lead to the study of the highest truth." Chesterton reveals the marvelous clarity of Thomas's mind and highlights "the intense rightness of his sense of the relation between the mind and the real thing outside the mind."

978-1-88759-396-0  140 pages   £7.50

To Know Christ Jesus
Fulton J. Sheen

A new edition of this
vivid portrayal of 1st-century Palestine with many remarkable illustrations, provides a means to contemplate the singular mystery of the One who entered history to change it, and the lives and loves of all mankind, utterly and irrevocably.

978-1-88759-305-2  372 illustrated pages  £16.00

Traditional Latin Mass Explained
Dom Prosper Gueranger

Delivers a surprisingly complete exposition of the theology and spirituality of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by way of commentary on the texts and gestures of the Tridentine Rite. In this way, beyond its author’s original intention, this gem of a book is capable of revealing to us anew the treasure we have always possessed in this magnificent liturgy, the tragedy of its near extinction in the period after the Second Vatican Council, and the immense blessing of its gradual return across the Catholic world.

978-1-62138-318-5   130 pages  £13.50

The Traditional Mass
Michael Fiedrowicz

“This historically rigorous and theologically informed book is indispensable for anyone who cares about Pope Benedict XVI’s liturgical vision. I am delighted that this outstanding introduction to the traditional form of the Roman Mass is now available to Anglophone readers.”—FR. UWE MICHAEL LANG, Cong. Orat., St. Mary’s University

978-1-62138-523-3   350 pages  £20.00

The Way of the Cross
Caryll Houselander

The author accomplishes two things: first, by her imaginative re-creation of the Passion and Death of Our Lord, realized with intensity, detail, and depth, she brings a drama of anguish and tragedy to our immediate awareness; secondly, she shows us the Passion reflected in all human suffering.

978-1-62138-099-3  112 pages  £8.50

With Christ
An Anthology of the Writings of Blessed Columba Marmion

A book to be read especially during the great penitential seasons of the liturgical year, and in times of temptation, trial, and loss—here are words that can restore or strengthen confidence, bestow peace, and stabilize the soul in the supreme security of abandonment to God.

978-1-88759-325-0  246 pages   £16.00

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