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For more than one hundred years the Abbey of Saint Michael at Farnborough has enjoyed a reputation for excellence in the field of liturgical scholarship and publishing. The monks live a traditional life of prayer, work and study in accordance with the ancient Rule of Saint Benedict. At the heart of their life is the solemn celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.

On the Holy Mass

Dom Prosper Guéranger

Dom Prosper Gueranger loved, lived, and breathed the Roman Liturgy. On the Holy Mass is compiled from notes made during his conferences. The book proceeds through the Mass step by step, offering insights into the history and meaning of its ceremonies.

978 0 907077 47 3 hb 160 pages £13.95

On the Religious Life

Dom Prosper Guéranger

What are religious? What does the Lord ask of them? What should their interior attitude be to poverty, chastity, obedience, and to the everyday demands of life in a community? Dom Prosper Gueranger’s monastic wisdom, fundamental to the preparation of novices at St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, is offered to religious, clergy and laity as in insight into the contemplative monastic life and as a primer for the spiritual life of every Christian.

978 0 907077 48 0 hb 94 pages £13.95

On the Immaculate Conception

Dom Prosper Guéranger

In the pages of this study, we may admire Dom Guéranger's great spirit of faith, his love for the Church, and his profound knowledge of Scripture and of the Liturgy; one discovers herein the contemplative monk who studied only in order to pray better and to defend the Church.

978 0 907077 46 6 hb 124 pages £13.95

The Beginner’s Book of Chant

The Beginner's Book of Chant is offered to those parishes, schools and communities who wish to dive head-first into its singing. Using the simplest of the chants in common use it gives practical instruction on reading the traditional notation, methods of interpretation, rehearsal techniques and accompaniment together with a potted history of its development through to the current day.

978 0 907077 39 8 94 pages £10.95  

Appreciating the Collect—An Irenic Methodology

James Leachman OSB and Daniel McCarthy OSB

“The collects are much-neglected springs of living water”, wrote the great Dom Cabrol in 1920. The General Instruction on the Roman Missal tells us that these Opening Prayers gather and summarize all the prayers of the faithful. But what of their history, their form, their vocabulary, their role?

Scholars from four continents study the history, structure, grammar and vocabulary of the Collect. Research libraries and seminaries will have an invaluable tool, and bishops will find in this series resources needed to fulfil their ministry of directing the future course of liturgical renewal.

978 0 907077 61 9 254 pages £22.95

A Pope and a Council on the Sacred Liturgy

Aidan Nichols OP

Pope Pius XII's Mediator Dei and the Second Vatican Council's Sacrosanctum Concilium with a comparative study, A Tale of Two Documents. These texts are a tutorial in liturgical spirituality and tradition. Their comparison informs assessment of the liturgical practice of the Church today, and considerations for future reform.

978 0 907077 38 1 154 pages £10.95

The Modern Rite

Collected Essays on the Reform of the Liturgy

Klaus Gamber

As pertinent today as when he first raised his concerns, Mgr Gamber's insights cannot but inform contemporary debate and pastoral practice. His essays consider: the Difficulties in Reforming the Liturgy, The Sacrifice of the Mass, Mass Facing the People, the Problem of the Vernacular, Communion in the Hand, Making Worship Relevant.

978 0 907077 37 4 94 pages £9.95

The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described

Adrian Fortescue, J B O’Connell & Alcuin Reid OSB

Today, as the traditional liturgy of the Roman Rite enjoys its resurgence amongst Catholics, young and old, the need for an up to date ceremonial manual for the celebration of the traditional liturgy according to the liturgical books in use in 1962 is greater than ever in the past forty years.

This volume, new, revised, corrected and expanded edtion of this classic work, is published to guide and to assist those celebrating the traditional liturgy today.

978 0 907077 41 1 hb 496 pages £30.95  Reprinting

A Sacrifice of Praise

Dom Bede Camm

A remarkable story of a remarkable woman, Mother Marie Adele Garnier and how through her efforts Tyburn is today the home of Tyburn Convent—the Mother House of a world wide congregation of cloistered Benedictine nuns, and famous shrine to the English Reformation Martyrs

978 0 907077 45 9  160 pages £12.50   

Liturgy, the Life of the Church

Lambert Beauduin OSB

The Sacred Liturgy is the fabric of the monastic life of our present-day community. The daily round of liturgical prayer, the performance of the ceremonies of the Liturgy as fully and as reverently as possible, the beauty of the chant, the pregnant texts of the feasts and seasons of the liturgical year, all leave their mark, not primarily on the intellect, but on the soul and on the heart. Liturgy is, indeed, the life of the monk.

Dom Bauduin’s title reminds us that the Sacred Liturgy is also the life of the whole Church. Yet people of our day, most especially the young, often find contemporary liturgical celebrations lacking. They do not find the life the Liturgy offers. Their yearning for that sense of mystery, of beauty, of transcendence, their need for silence and for an experience of the numinous which is their right by virtue of their baptism is often frustrated. Though liturgical problems of today are different to those of the beginning of the twentieth century when Dom Bauduin wrote this little book, the solution is similar: the whole Church must once again live and breathe the Church's Liturgy.

978 0 907077 40 4 96 pages £8.95

Transition in the Easter Vigil

Becoming Christians

Edited by

Daniel P McCarthy OSB & James G Leachman OSB

In this book the liturgical rites and prayers of the Easter vigil reveal the human transformation intended in the process of becoming Christians in the sacraments of initiation celebrated during the Easter Virgil.   Whereas other scholars provide focused studies on the scriptural readings or on a major prayer of the Easter vigil, this unique book provides a comprehensive view of the Easter vigil by examining all the short prayers which in turn reveal the steps in the process of human transformation.

978 0 907077 64 0  hb   394 pages      £30.95

From Repatriation to Revival

Continuity and Change in the English Benedictine Congregation, 1795-1850

Alban Hood OSB

This is the first book to have explored in any significant detail the plight of English Benedictine men and women in the half-century following the French Revolution.  It highlights their accomplishments at a time of transition and change not just for the Catholic Church in England, but for the whole nation as well as the continent of Europe.  The author has drawn from a rich store of contemporary letters and documents.

978 0 907077 664     hb    270 pages   £24.95


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