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Becoming Icons of Christ through the Liturgy
Andrew Hofer, OP   Editor

Written as an accessible introduction to the Catholic theology of divinization through the Liturgy, this remarkable study explains the claim that God transforms the Christian people through the Church’s Liturgy to share in his divine nature.  This is a short collection of essays that serves as a coherent introduction to how God makes the faithful in the pews partakers in his divine nature through the action of the liturgy.

978 1 59525 041 4   164 pages     £17.99

Reading Church Latin

Robert Schoenstene

An essential tool for acquiring a basic reading knowledge of ecclesiastical Latin. Used as a class text or independent study, this resource provides students with commentary and exercises to deal competently with the basic meaning of Latin texts.

978 1 59525 042 1  254 pages  £19.99

The Mystery of Marriage
A Theology of the Body and the Sacrament
Perry J. Cahall

This book represents a fresh approach to presenting the sacramental theology of marriage with a broad scope and incorporates the invaluable insights of the Theology of the Body. A unique feature of this book is that from beginning to end it incorporates insights from John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, as well as his other writings in which he addressed marriage. Attention is also given to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other recent magisterial texts pertaining to marriage so that the reader is presented with the Catholic Church’s most fully developed doctrine on marriage.

978 1 59525 040 7  512 pages  £40.00 Hardback

The Sacrament of Reconciliation
An Anthropological and Scriptural Understanding
Robert L. Fastiggi

With the knowledge of a theologian and the skill of an historian, Robert Fastiggi links the Sacrament of Penance to its anthropological foundations, grounded in the recognition of human failure and the need for forgiveness. This anthropological foundation includes a brief overview of how non-biblical religions deal with sin and purification as well as the revelation of the human need for reconciliation presented in Sacred Scripture. He carefully unwraps the Old Testament and New Testament narratives that cover original sin, human rebellion, the need for reconciliation, conversion, forgiveness, and the remission of sin.

978 1 59525 043 8    256 pages  £24.99

Principles of Sacred Liturgy
Forming a Sacramental Vision
Christopher Carstens

Principles of Sacred Liturgy not only introduces pastors, seminarians, permanent deacons, diocesan directors of worship, and liturgical ministers and coordinators to the laws and rubrics of the liturgy, but also to the theological, liturgical, and pastoral rationale that informs them.

978 1 59525 044 5  368 pages  £19.99 - No longer available

Living the Mystery of Marriage
Building Your Sacramental Life Together
Perry J. Cahall

This unique book will assist those called to marriage to live out the wonderful, beautiful, and challenging mystery of married love by presenting a theology, spirituality, and morality of marriage at a widely accessible level.

978 1 59525 045 2  178 pages  £12.99