The Creatures of Number 37
John Watts
Illustrations by Pádraig Watts

Number 37 is the home of the Stout Priest and his dog Abey, and of his niece and nephew in their school holidays. The children are from the city and visit whenever they can, because they love the country and the creatures who live in their uncle's garden and in the field and forest and river close by. This book is about those creatures. Each chapter is about a different one, and is a story in itself. But as the year goes round chapter by chapter, and the creatures and humans re-appear from time to time, the whole book becomes a single story, which reaches a climax on Easter night. The Creatures of Number 37 will delight children, and charm many adults too - all indeed who remember their own childhood fondly and have a love of nature and of animals wild and tame.

John Watts began writing books after retiring from a career in teaching. This is his tenth, and his first venture into children's fiction. His previous published works include histories, a biography and a novel. John is married and has six children and ten grandchildren. He lives in Addiewell, a former mining village in West Lothian, Scotland.

978 085244 885 4  150 pages  £9.99


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