Our Sunday Visitor
Autumn/Winter 2014

Transforming Parish Communications
Scot Landry

How can we respond to the Holy Father’s call to embrace new evangelization and bring people back to the Church? By transforming Catholics into ‘digital missionaries’ - ready and able to take the joy and warmth of the Gospel online via social media to infrequent, inactive, or ex-Catholics around the corner or across the globe.

978-1-61278-724-4     208 pages  £14.99

Catholic and Married

In sometimes funny, tell-it-like-it-is chapters, a diverse group of men and women offer their insights and advice on the many aspects and adventures of Catholic marriage.

978-1-61278-732-9  160 pages  £9.99

A Catholic Parent’s Toolbox
Joseph D. White, PhD

Dr. White knows how to break down the tough topics of parenting into bite size pieces for families. Practical advice, actionable tips, and comforting stories combine to give parents exactly the tools they need.

978-1-61278-760-2  192 pages £12.50

Coming to Christ
Susan Conroy

This book is a lot like sitting down with a good friend who, in words and pictures, shares her practical, uncomplicated examples of ways we can turn and return to God. Through personal stories, writings of the saints, and sacred scripture, Susan shows each of us not only why, but HOW, step by step, to come to Christ.

978-1-61278-781-7  144 pages  £9.99

Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory
Susan Tassone

Includes prayers, teachings about purgatory, real-life stories, wisdom, meditations, quotes from the saints, and more. A book you can use however you like - as a daily devotional, as a year round novena, to follow the liturgical seasons - or, just pick it up and read as the Spirit leads you.

978-1-61278-772-5  192 pages  £13.99

Growing in Faith:
A Bible Study Guide for Catholics
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

Uses themes and reflections of Pope Francis’ to illuminate each of the six sessions in which readers will understand faith as it relates to our relationship with Christ, what we profess as Catholics, and the ultimate goal of evangelization.

978-1-61278-793-0  96 pages  £6.99

How to Defend the Faith
Austen Ivereigh

This book has given Catholics worldwide a new way of talking about their faith and of getting across the Church’s position on contentious issues without losing their cool. Now revised and updated to include new sections on what we can learn from Pope Francis’ communication and many other tips and principles.

978-1-61278-881-4  224 pages £12.99 - Regret no UK Rights

Open to the Holy Spirit
Living the Gospel with Power and Wisdom
Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Explores the role and work of the Holy Spirit and helps you understand that, as Cardinal Wuerl says, “The Spirit is the one connection we know, deep down, we need to make.”

978-1-61278-735-0   112 pages  £8.99

Opening the Scriptures
Bringing the Gospel of Matthew to Life
George Martin

Brings Matthew’s Gospel to into sharp focus in a verse-by-verse commentary. Gives readers the context of the first-century meaning, and what it means to us today. Refelection questions help us apply the biblical texts to our own lives.

978-1-61278-658-2  688 pages  £18.99

Pope Francis and the Joy of the Gospel
Rediscovering the Heart of a Disciple
Edward Sri

Makes The Joy of the Gospel accessible and actionable. In these brief reflections Sri explores those things that hold us back, how we can open ourselves up to God’s love, and the difference this can make to our joyful proclamation of the Gospel.

978-1-61278-801-2  12 pages  £6.99

Prayer Works!
Getting a Grip on Catholic Spirituality
Matthew Leonard
Foreword by Scott Hahn

If you’ve never read a book on prayer, you’ve got the right one. And if you’ve read lots of books on prayer, you’ve still got the right one. It’s got laugh-out-loud humour, great storytelling, and rock-solid instruction.

978-1-61278-780-0  160 pages  £9.99  Out of Print

St. Francis and Pope Francis
Prayer, Poverty, and Joy in Jesus

Alan Schreck, PhD

Brings together themes that are central to the mission of both men. The two are separated by 800 years yet have one vision. As Pope Francis said, on a visit to Assisi: “I seem to hear the voice of St. Francis repeating: The Gospel, the Gospel!”

978-1-61278-788-6  176 pages  £9.99

The Witness of Early Christian Women
Mothers of the Church

Mike Aquilina

Demonstrates the radical nature of Christianity’s understanding of women and their roles, especially in a pagan society that viewed them as little more than property. Each chapter features a concise biography accompanied by writings from the early Church about the woman in question.

978-1-61278-802-9  160 pages  £9.99

A Year of Mercy with Pope Francis
Daily Reflections

This book will draw you into God’s unfailing mercy, strengthening, healing, and equipping you to fulfil his plan for your life. Spend a few minutes every day with the Holy Father as you read a brief meditation by him followed by a few reflection questions designed to help you ponder and receive God’s love.

978-1-61278-835-7  384 pages  £12.99

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