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 Spring/Summer 2016

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After the Natural Law
How the Classical Worldview Supports
Our Modern Moral and Political Values
John Lawrence Hill

Shows how our most important moral and political values - freedom, responsibility, equality, human rights and human dignity - require
God-centred philosophical foundation based on natural law ideas.

978 1 62164 017 2   340 pages  £16.99

Called to be the Children of God
The Catholic Theology of Human Deification
Carl E. Olson and Fr. David Meconi, S.J.

Presents a historical and theological study of the theme of theosis, or “deification”, within the various streams of Catholic tradition. Showing how God, by assuming human flesh in Jesus Christ, humanized his divinity, and also divinized our humanity.

978 1 58617 947 2  300 pages  £16.99

Catholic Street Evangelization
Stories of Conversion and Witness
Stephen Dawson

Inspiring conversion stories of young people sharing their faith in street evangelization where ordinary young Catholics joyously and boldly share their faith with strangers in the street.

978 1 58617 988 5  185 pages  £13.99

The Contemplative Hunger
Fr. Donald Haggerty

Shows how the contemplative encounter with the mystery of God is only possible through the encounter with Jesus Christ, God the Son Incarnate.  Offers a collection of concise, meditative reflections on contemplative prayer and contemplative life.

978 1 62164 033 2  265 pages  £14.99

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
Questions and Answers About the Resurrection of Jesus
in History, Film, and Literature
Carl E.Olson

Carefully weighs the historical evidence with in-depth analysis. Be prepared to have your thinking challenged by this provocative and insightful book.

978 1 62164 120 9   150 pages  £9.99

Evangelical Exodus
Evangelical Seminarians and their Paths to Rome
Edited by Douglas Beaumont

A varied selection of well trained Protestants - pastors, seminarians, trained theologians - give thoughtful and eloquent explanations about their journey into the Catholic Church. This book will he helpful for Evangelicals considering becoming Catholic, as well as anyone wising to understand why many are doing so.

978 1 62164 042 4  290 pages  £14.99

A Family of Saints
The Martins of Lisieux - Saints Thérèse, Louis, and Zélie
Fr. Stephane-Joseph Piat, O.F.,M

This book is the definitive work on the Martin family, and reveals the deep family love that helped form “the greatest saint of modern times”, Thérèse of Lisieux. Features an afterword by George Weigel.

978 1 62164 079 0  480 pages  £18.99

God So Loved the World
Clues to Our Transcendent Destiny from the Revelation of Jesus
Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J.

This brilliant exploration into the big questions of life about who God is, his nature and attributes, and his self-revelation to us. Also examines in depth the claims of Jesus Christ as the God of unconditional love, his miracles, death and resurrection, and gift to us of the Holy Spirit.

978 1 62164 036 3   420 pages  £14.99

He Spoke to Us
Discerning God in People and Events
Fr. George Rutler

A collection of sparkling essays on a wide variety of intriguing subjects, written with insight and wit by a widely recognised author who is perhaps the finest master of English prose in the Catholic Church today.

978 1 58617 983 0   215 pages  £14.99

Heroism and Genius
How Catholic Priests Built Western Civilization
William J. Slattery

Uses historical evidence to show the great contributions that the Catholic Church, and priests, made in building Western Civilization and reveals how priests were heroic pioneers and irreplaceable builders of a new culture and socio-political order.

978 1 62164 014 1  292 pages  £19.99 Hardback

How to Be Holy
First Steps in Becoming a Saint
Peter Kreeft

Kreeft uses the insights and experiences of the saints and great spiritual writers throughout history to show what holiness is and how to achieve it. He especially draws on, or “festoons” from, key points in the classic work by de Caussade, Abandonment to Divine Providence.

978 1 62164 102 5  175 pages  £12.99

Jesus’ School of Life
Incentives to Discipleship
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

Filled with both spiritual and practical wisdom about becoming intentional disciples of Christ. The Cardinal draws mainly on Scripture, and the Gospelsin particular, to show how the way of conversion begins in a person’s life, and continues throughout his life until death. Every step along the way, the disciple is taught to believe, to trust, and to pray by the interior teacher - the Holy Spirit.

978 1 58617 807 6  170 pages  £10.99

On the Family
Pope Francis

The Holy Father offers his spiritual and moral wisdom, and at the same time very practical advice for modern families. He speaks about the general needs and struggles of all families, and also addresses the needs of the individual persons who make up family life.

978 1 62164 100 1  130 pages  £9.99

The Ultimate Catholic Quiz
100 Questions Most Catholics Can’t Answer
Karl Keating

This book offers a fun and challenging way for the reader to see how well he knows Catholic teachings, practices, and history. This book is useful for both indiividual or group study.

978 1 62164 024 0   210 pages  £9.99

The Walls are Talking
Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell their Stories

Abby Johnson

This book offers an inside look at the abortion industry by former clinic employees. It provides inspiration and hope for anyone who has been involved in abortion and seeks help and healing.

978 1 58617 797 3  160 pages  £12.99 Hardback

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