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Joseph’s Way
The Call to Fatherly Greatness
Devin Schadt

Transmits the biblical vision of fatherhood, its necessity, its glory, and its irreplaceable effect on families and society. By comparing St. Joseph - Light of Patriarchs - with the great patriarchs of old - Abraham and Jacob - Joseph’s Way provides fathers with invaluable practical tools and profound spiritual insights to help them become the great father that God has created them to be.

978-0-98992-420-7 343 pages £12.99

The Kerygma
In the Shantytown of the Poor
Kiko Argűello

The inspiring conversion story of Kiko Argűello, atheist and award-winning artist. This book tells the story of the “Neocatchumenal Way”, from its origins in a Spanish slum in 1964 to its becoming a model for the New Evangelization officially recognized by the Holy See in 2008.

978-158617-860-4  140 pages  £9.99

The Leaves are Falling
Lucy Beckett

A novel about the great challenges of World War II on nations, and especially on the integrity of the individual person.
“..beautifully written and deeply felt. It is an unabashed roman philosophique et historique, an elucidation of and reflection upon the predicament of the Jewish community in Poland-Lithuania during World War II.” - Piers Paul read, Author ALIVE

978-158617-894-9  300 pages  £14.99 Hardback

Making Gay Okay
How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything
Robert R. Reilly

Written for the intelligent lay person who wants to think-through key issues regarding homosexuality.

978-162164-086-8  250 pages  £13.99

Essential Principles of a Just Society and Humane Culture
Sheila Liaugminas

This book demonstrates what the Church has to say about the most important issues of our time and why. It anticipates the questions readers will ask and provides the answers they will need in the struggle to restore respect for human dignity.

978-1-58617-794-2   200 pages  £12.99 Hardback

Ceremony of Innocence
A Novel
Dorothy Cummings McLean

Ripped from the headlines,
Ceremony of Innocence is a very contemporary novel of Europe on the edge of social breakdown. Train stations are bombed and migrants targeted for violence as journalists and other tastemakers watch from their positions of privilege.

978-1-58617-731-7  189 pages  £14.99 Hardback

Joseph Ratzinger - Collected Works
Theology of the Liturgy

This major volume is a collection of the writings of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) on the theology of the Liturgy of the Church, a subject of preeminence to him as a theologian, professor and spiritual writer. It brings together all his writings on the subject, short and long, giving his views on liturgical matters, and questions over many years and from various perspectives.

978-158617-595-5  700 pages £28.50 Hardback

Saint John Paul the Great
His Five Loves
Jason Evert

Discover the five great loves of St. John Paul II through remarkable unpublished stories on him from bishops, priests, students, Swiss Guards, and others. Mining through a mountain of papal resources, Jason Evert has uncovered these many gems, offering a treasure chest brimming with the jewels of the saint’s life. After a brief overview of John Paul life, Evert explores in depth his five great loves: Young People, Human Love, The Eucharist, Our Lady, The Cross.

978-0-99137-540-0   300 pages  £17.99 Hardback

Sacred Liturgy
The Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church
Edited by Dom Alcuin Reid

This book is an important resource in ongoing liturgical formation for clergy, religious and laity, and makes a significant contribution to that renewal promoted in the Pontificate of Benedict XVI. That is the renewal which embraces the riches of liturgical tradition as valuable treasures, seeks to read the Second Vatican Council according to a hermeneutic of continuity, not rupture, and is in no doubt that, as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger once wrote, “the true celebration of the Sacred Liturgy as the center of any renewal of the Church.”

978-1-58617-786-7  446 pages  £12.99

The Seven Big Myths About Marriage
Wisdom from Faith, Philosophy, and Science
about Happiness and Love
Christopher and Jennifer Kaczor

Explores some of the most interesting and vexing problems in contemporary life. Appealing to reason rather than religious authority, this book tackles the most controversial and talked about positions of the Catholic Church - on contraception, on marriage, on reproductive technologies, on cohabitation, and on divorce - arguing for the reasonableness of the Church’s views on these issues.

978-1-58617-843-7  207 pages  £14.99 Hardback

Something Other Than God
How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It
Jennifer Fulwiler

Asking the unflinching questions about life and death, good and evil, led Jennifer to Christianity, the religion she had reviled since she was an awkward, sceptical child growing up in the Bible Belt.  When she had a profound epiphany that gave her the courage to convert, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition-and the only treatment was at odds with her new-found faith.

978-158617-882-6   256 pages  £16.99 Hardback

To Know Jesus as the Christ
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

An inspiring and practical work by a great churchman about the eternal importance of the Christian faith, and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and how it is crucial for our everyday life.

978-1-58617-792-8      155 pages  £9.99

Who Is a Christian?
Hans Urs von Balthasar

Balthasar d
raws on Scripture, Tradition and the witness of the Saints as the sources for guidance on our path to union with Christ. He presents beautiful insights on what Christians can do to attain authentic personal spiritual renewal and holiness.

978-158617-531-3  140 pages  £9.99

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