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A Catholic Introduction to the Bible
The Old Testament
Brant Pitre and John Bergsma

For decades, Catholics have needed an up-to-date Introduction to the Bible that is both readable enough for anyone to pick it up and begin study but also in-depth enough to serve as a textbook for seminarians, graduate students, directors of religious education, and interested lay readers. This is the very book and it is sure to be a landmark volume for Catholic Scripture studies in the 21st century.

978-1-58617-722-5 990 illustrated pages £42.50 Hb

Cause of Our Joy
Walking Day By Day With Our Lady
Mother Mary Francis, P.C.C.

This is a beautiful book of meditations on Our Lady based on the Litany of the Blessed Virgin and on her Magnificat prayer. It also contains reflections for all the major feasts and solemnities of Mary, as well as poetry centred on the Mother of God.

978-1-62164-173-5  170 pages  £12.99

Chance or the Dance?
A Critique of Modern Secularism
Thomas Howard

In this new edition of a modern classic the author explains in clear and beautiful language why secular humanism is robbing us of the beauty, depth and profound truths of Christianity. With laser precision through lyrical ponderings he takes us through the dismal reductionist view of the world to the shimmering significance of this world as sign and sacrament. A book that is more timely now than when it was first written, and a prophetic examination of modern society’s conscience.

978-1-62164-229-9  160 pages  £12.99

Dorothy Day
An Introduction to Her Life and Thought
Terrence c. Wright

Inspired by the Gospel, Dorothy Day became one of the most important American lay Catholics of the 20
th century. She was a leader in working for social justice through her selfless service to the poor, outcast and homeless.

978-1-62164-157-5  165 pages  £12.99

The Fragility of Order
Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times
George Weigel

 A collection of essays that cover a wide swath of ground, from the origins of the First World War to the papacy of Pope Francis. Their common denominator is Weigel’s conviction that ideas have consequences, for good and ill, and that deep currents of history flow through culture, which shapes political and economic life in ways not often understood.. This book is unique in its application of philosophical and theological perspectives by a renowned public intellectual to the “surface” issues of history and politics, enabling the reader to “see” current events in a deeper way.

978-1-62164-231-2   250 pages  £14.99

The Immovable Feast
How I Gave Up Spirituality for a Life of Religious Abundance
Tyler Blanski

“…An Immovable Feast is indeed a feast to both mind and heart. It is a deeply detailed conversion story, worthy to be compared with those of Scott Hahn and Sheldon Vanauken. Expect great things from this man!” - Peter Kreeft, Ph.D.

978-1-62164-233-6  290 pages  £18.99 Hardback

The Light Entrusted to You
Keeping the Flame of Faith Alive
John R. Wood

This book is a very inspiring, practical primer for the common Catholic as it breaks down the Catholic faith into six key categories that can be applied to everyday life. It uses the four pillars of the faith - Creed, Sacraments, Life in Christ, Prayer - to create a balanced approach to every aspect of the faith.

978-1-62164-172-8   297 pages  £15.50

Mary in the Bible and in Our Lives
Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen, O.C.D.

This book is a clear and beautiful exposition of what the Catholic Church believes and teaches about Mary. Written by an acclaimed spiritual writer and holy monk who presents the Catholic beliefs about Mary that he has meditated on throughout his whole priestly life

978-1-62164-187-2  170 pages  £12.99

On Islam
A Chronological Record, 2006-2016
James V. Schall, S.J.

Fr. Schall presents his insights on a resurgent Islam as it expands into Europe and America through careful use of religious, ideological, and military means. He responds to a great demand from people to better understand the aggressive actions of Islam and how we should cope with them.

978-1-62164-164-3  325 pages  £15.50

On the Ignatian Way
A Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Jose Iriberri, S.J., And Chris Lowney

Various experienced pilgrims share their insights and testimonies on how to most benefit and grow spiritually from a pilgrimage. This book is based on the legacy and lessons of St. Ignatius of Loyola who made a life transforming pilgrimage that continues to impact countless souls today. The last section features an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises specific to the Ignatian pilgrimage.

978-1-62164-146-9   220 pages  £14.99 Illustrated

Priests - What Lies Ahead?
Fr. Carlos Granados

n-depth interviews with four prominent priests and Church leaders - Archbishop Charles Chaput, Fr. Luis Ladaria, Cardinal George Pell, and Fr. Livio Melina - on the meaning and vocation of the Catholic priesthood today. They present insights with the authority, the experience, and the gravity of their own priesthood on what makes a priests’s life productive and spiritually fruitful.

978-1-62164-196-4      190 pages  £13.99

The Spiritual Direction of Saint Claude
de la Colombière
Arranged and Translated by Mother M. Philip, I.B.V.M.

A renowned spiritual director, writer, preacher and saint presents deeply inspiring insights on many important aspects of holiness and the spiritual life. Readers will find it full of practical wisdom on confession, Mass and Communion, confidence in God, peace of soul, love of neighbour, and much more.

978-1-62164-203-9  176 pages  £12.99

Target Africa
Ideological Neocolonialism of the Twenty-First Century
Obianuju Ekeocha

Since the end of colonization Africa has struggled with socioeconomic and political problems. These challenges have attracted wealthy donors from Western nations and organizations that have assumed the roles of helper and deliverer. While some donors have good intentions, others seek

to impose their ideology of sexual liberation. These are the ideological neocolonial masters of the twenty-first century who aggressively push their agenda of ,radical feminism, population control, sexualisation of children, and homosexuality.

978-1-62164-215-2  225 pages  £13.99

Two Wings
Integrating Faith & Reason
Brian B. Clayton and Douglas Lee Kries

Offers a basic yet engaging encounter with traditional arguments for and against God’s existence, including such troubling topics as the question of evil and Christian belief. It also grapples in on-technical language with arguments arising from the encounter between contemporary natural science and traditional Christian theology.

978-1-62164-195-7  275 pages  £14.99

The Vanishing Woman

A Father Gabriel Mystery

Fiorella De Maria

Enid Jennings is the most hated woman in town, a retired headmistress and embittered war widow, who has a talent for causing conflict and distress wherever she goes. When Enid’s downtrodden daughter, Agnes, sees her mother vanish into thin air virtually in front of her, she is widely assumed to have been mistaken or to have lost her mind – her story is simply too far-fetched to be believed. Enter Fr Gabriel, working on the principle that some stories are too strange to have been made up, who sets out to discover

the whereabouts of Enid Jennings, the cause of her seemingly miraculous disappearance and the person or persons responsible.

978-1-62164-223-7   250 pages £13.99

Into His Likeness
Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ
Edward Sri

Provides an approachable but in-depth exploration of how to live as a disciple and experience the transformation Jesus wants to work in our lives. We might desire to live more like Christ, but we know we fall short. This book simply helps us follow those initial promptings of the Holy Spirit, so that we may more intentionally encounter Jesus anew each day and be more disposed to his grace changing us ever more into his likeness.

978-0-99937-565-5    160 pages    £13.99

The God of Jesus Christ
Pope Benedict XVI

In this book of meditations, based on a series of meditations by the author shortly before he became Archbishop of Munich-Freising, in 1977, theologian Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) presents his profound thoughts on the nature and person of God, building a bridge between theology and spirituality as he makes wide use of the Sacred Scriptures to reveal the beauty and mystery of who God is. He writes about each of the three persons in the Holy Trinity, showing the different attributes of each person, and that "God is three and God is one."

978-1-62164-210-7      130 pages    £12.99

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