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 Winter 2018/Spring 2019

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Clueless in Galilee
Mac Barron

Life is funny. In the midst of it all, there is always some humour to be mined. Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with laughing at how ridiculous our lives can be, and looking honestly at the simple humanity of people, and even the apostles and Jesus’ very real sense of humour in his teachings in the Gospels. This book is filled with witty and poignant essays and excerpts from Gospel stories as you have never heard before.

978-1-68192-234-8  112 pages  £12.50

For Those Who Grieve
Jeannie Ewing

Offers prayers and reflections to use on your grieving journey. Theses small, but meaningful devotions, offer you a way to be led by the Holy Spirit to hope and healing. This devotional invites you to live in the midst of your sorrow and to be patient with yourself. A much needed companion for those searching for healing.

978-1-68192-365-9  48 pages  £3.99

Grieving Together
Laura Kelly and Franco David Fanucci

Finding a way forward after miscarriage can be difficult. With the help of this book couples can work through the emotions, decisions, and struggles that arise after this loss. It draws from real-life experiences of parents who experienced this heart-breaking loss. The writers help couples work through the crises, grief, and common questions that arise after the death of a child.

978-1-68192-186-0  144 pages  £12.99

The Handy Little Guide to Adoration
Michelle Jones Schroeder

While alive, we will never achieve full comprehension of God’s love for us. But in Adoration we can take small steps toward increasing our understanding by just thinking about the glory of the Resurrected Christ and feeling deeply grateful for His existence. Let this book help guide us to this gratitude.

978-1-68192-321-5  64 pages  £3.99

The Handy Little Guide to Confession
Michelle Jones Schroeder

The perfect tool to help Catholics overcome their fears of confession. Exploring what holds people back and the barriers we often put up, this little guide shows readers how to forgive themselves and how to develop better habits. The whole goal of the Sacrament of Reconciliation is to remove the barriers within our soul so we can be more closely united with God.

978-1-68192-366-6  48 pages  £3.99

Padre Pio: The True Story
Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition
C. Bernard Ruffin

A bestseller since its release, Padre Pio: the True Story gives you a unique look at the life and times of this Capuchin priest. Through personal interviews conducted with many individuals who knew St. Pio, including his personal secretary for many years, you will understand more about St. Pio’s mission. Includes a four-colour photo section.

978-1-61278-882-1  464 pages  £19.99

A Rosary Litany
Edward Looney

This centuries old devotion is scriptural by nature, containing Our Father and the angelic salutation (Hail Mary)in addition to the mysteries being rooted in Sacred Scripture. Moreover, the rosary has been called a compendium to the Gospel as it leads us through the life of Jesus and Mary.

978-1-68192-337-6  64 pages  £3.99

A History of the Catholic Church
Steve Weidenkopf

The first book of its kind to detail the 2,000 year history of the Catholic Church focusing on the Church as a family. History provides many lessons for the family of God and, despite the persecutions and challenges, Catholics can take solace in the actions of the Holy Spirit, who continues to guide, guard, and animate the Bride of Christ.

978-1-68192-148-8  256 pages  £16.50

Noll Library Classics

Experience true spiritual growth offered by these most beloved classics of the Church presented in beautiful hardback editions.

Story of a Soul

By Thérèse of Liseux

978-1-68192-280-5  320 pages  £24.99


By Augustine of Hippo

978-1-68192-284-3  368 pages  £24.99

The Imitation of Christ

By Thomas à Kempis

978-1-68192-282-9  144 pages  £24.99  

Interior Castle

By Teresa of Avila

978-168192-286-7  496 pages £24.99

Introduction to the Devout Life

By Francis de sales

978-1-68192-288-1  256 pages  £24.99


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