St Vincent Pallotti

Prophet of  A Spirituality of Communion

Edited by Francesco Todisco, SAC

This biography attempts to trace the life and development of the holiness of St Vincent Pallotti, looking at it step by step, as far as possible, in the historical context of his time  It charts his continual growth throughout his life-journey and it illustrates the projects that he realized.

It tells the critical story of a holy priest of Rome who developed his sanctity against the background of the French Revolution and it consequences.  It is the story of a saint who had the profound conviction that priests, above all else, ought to be true saints.  No less was his desire that the lay faithful should cease to be passive in the Church and in the civil society of his time.  He sought their transformation as saints and active evangelists in the vineyard of the Lord.  This story merits attentive reading, It has much to teach us regarding the human and ecclesial challenges to the faith of the believer in every time and place.


784 pages

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