A Good Life - at Any Price
New Threats to Human Life in Our Times
Anita Dowsing


Life is the most precious possession anyone has. Nevertheless, in today’s society not everyone places a high value on human life and this puts many lives at risk. Through the practices of embryo destruction, abortion and euthanasia, far more lives have been lost in our times than in conflict during the Second World War. Anita Dowsing argues that a descent into ever-greater destruction of human life is not the only possible future. There is an alternative, based on the respect for the life of everyone that most religions, as well as the UN Declaration of Human Rights, proclaim. This stance can lead to both sacrifice and suffering, but it is the only path to a life worthy of human beings; and the ability to choose such a life rests with ordinary men and women, that is, each one of us. The author points to the many ways in which everyone can protect the human lives currently at risk, by choosing not to sacrifice the most vulnerable lives for the sake of a perceived good life. The book is intended for anyone interested in this burning topic, including teachers, parents, medical personnel and clergy.

978 0 85244 961 5  

224 pages  


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