How Beautiful the Valley

Archbishop Robert Rivas OP

A work of inspiration which has expanded with time.   My intention was to write about the Marriaqua Valley in St Vincent and the Grenadines where my eyes were opened to beauty and the divine spectacle of nature. Over a period of fifteen years or more, while living in St Vincent, the attraction of the Marriaqua Valley grew intense: its landscape, people, stories, faith and traditions captivated me. It has never lost its enchantment and splendour.

The story of one valley flowed into another.  I have had the advantage of working in four different countries in the Caribbean.  Three of these have splendid valleys cut out between the mountain ranges with flowing rivers and attractive flora and fauna.  

These valleys are like cool and refreshing

pastures in Eden.

In this book I have written about the Lopinot, Marriaqua and Mabouya valleys in Trinidad, St Vincent and Saint Lucia respectively.  Valleys where people live and pass through daily on their journeys.

I wanted to reveal the real treasures and splendours of the valleys not only using words but utilising glorious colourful pictures and telling stories.

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416 pages   Full Colour photographs £29.99

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