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 Spring/Summer 2021

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The Catholic All Year Prayer Companion
The Liturgical Year in Practice
Kendra Tierney

Lays out hundreds of prayers, devotions, practices, blessings, indulgences, novenas,

hymns, Bible readings, poems, encyclicals, and humor in an easy to use format according to the liturgical seasons and feast days of the Church calendar.

978-1-62164-425-5    300 pages      £14.99

Cur Deus Verba
Why the Word Became Words
Jeremy Holmes

Cur Deus Verba is a work of theology in the narrow sense: a reflection that takes God as its subject and everything else in relation to God. It treats every aspect of Scripture, including the human elements, to be understood in relation to God. And, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said, “The debate about modern exegesis is, at heart, not a debate among historians, but a philosophical debate.” Cur Deus Verba relies on the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, which Ratzinger described as “an open philosophy, which is

able to accept the biblical phenomenon in all its radicalism.”

978-1-62164-421-7  327 pages   £16.50

Escape from Evil’s Darkness
The Light of Christ in the Church, and Prayer
Robert Spitzer, S.J.

Presents comprehensive steps in the process of spiritual & moral conversion to protect us against evil and draw closer to the light of Christ. This is a unique work in how it explains and interrelates both spiritual conversion and moral conversion. Also unique in how it systematically combines spiritual and moral conversion through the Church, her sacraments, her deep spiritual tradition, St. Ignatius’ Examen, and modern psychological literature

978-1-62164-418-7  450 pages  £17.99

Fire of Mercy Vol.IV
Heart of the World
Meditations on the Gospel According to St. Matthew
Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis

To the unstudied eye, St. Matthew's gospel can seem a terse narrative, almost a historical document and not the tremendously spiritual (and doctrinal) storehouse

that it is. In his fourth and final volume of meditations on Matthew (chapters 26-28), Erasmo Leiva continues to show Matthew's prose to be not terse so much as economical - astoundingly so given its depth. The lay reader can derive great profit from reading this. Each short meditation comments on a verse or two, pointing to some facet of the text not immediately apparent, but rich with meaning.

978-1-62164-122-3    700 pages  £24.99

How to Destroy Western Civilization
And Other Ideas from the Cultural Abyss

Peter Kreeft

Presents a series of brilliant essays about many of the issues that increasingly

divide our Western civilization and culture. He states that “these essays are not new proposals or solutions to today’s problems. They are old. They have been tried, and

have worked. They have made people happy and good. That is what makes them so radical and so unusual today. The most uncommon thing today is common sense.”

978-1-62164-268-8   225 pages  £14.99

Jesus of Nazareth
Archaeologists Retracing the Footsteps of Christ
Michael Hesemann

n this unique book, Hesemann is tracking down the profound mystery of the Incarnation by which God became man, striving to deepen our understanding of the historical Jesus of Nazareth and the world in which he lived. With Bible in hand, he diligently visited all the places where Jesus lived and worked-- Bethlehem, Nazareth,

Capernaum, Jerusalem.

978-1-62164-307-4   356 pages  £17.99

Liturgical Dogmatics
How Catholic Beliefs Flow from Liturgical Prayer
David Fagerberg

A unique work that approaches classic Christian dogmas through the lens of liturgical theology. It integrates both the spiritual and ascetical dimensions of liturgy.The whole sweeping, saving activity of God, as described by dogma, is the subject of this book. Written without footnotes, in readable but poetical

language, that can be used for both academic studies and by the ordinary intelligent layman.

978-1-62164-409-5  260 pages  £16.50

Louis and Zélie
The Holy Parents of Saint Thérèse
GinaMarie Tennant

This newest book in the very popular Vision Books series of saint’s lives for young people presents the inspiring story of the first married couple ever canonized together in the Church, Louis and Zélie Martin, who lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It tells about their beautiful family of nine children, that includes the most popular saint of modern times, St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

978-1-62164-371-5  224 pages  £9.99

Love Never Fails
Living the Catholic Faith in our Daily Lives
Bishop Donald Hying

The spiritual fruit of much pastoral experience, this book addresses both perennial and current issues facing Catholics in the world today. Ranging from the interior life of prayer and devotion to the practicalities of evangelization and virtue, Bishop Hying offers contemporary and practical insights into the depths of the Catholic faith and how to live

it with heroism and humility. He gives a particular focus on the person of Jesus Christ—his identity, mission and presence in our lives.

9781-62164-407-1  175   pages  £13.99

Not Forgotten
Elegies for, and Reminiscences of, a Diverse Cast of Characters, Most of Them Admirable
George Weigel

Whether he’s sketching the lives of Nobel Prize-winning scientists or major league baseball managers, princes of the Church, television personalities, or history-making political leaders, Weigel tries to understand, and help readers understand, the deep truths of the human condition that each of these not-forgotten lives illuminates.

978-1-62164-415-6  215 pages  £14.99

On Love
Selected Writings
Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI

Collects in one volume many profound homilies on the universally appealing theme of “Love” by one of the most brilliant Popes in modern times. Benedict speaks on how love is the answer to the questions about the meaning of life. He reveals that, even amidst difficulties and suffering, one who has the love of God and neighbour can experience

true joy of heart

978-1-62164-346-3  160 pages  £12.99

Prison Journal
Volume 1 The Cardinal Makes His Appeal

George Cardinal Pell

Introduction by George Weigel

This is the first of three volumes of Cardinal Pell's extraordinary testimony to strength, perseverance, love, and grace is. Bearing no ill will toward his accuser, judges, prison workers, journalists, and those harboring and expressing hate for him, the Cardinal used his time in prison as a kind of "extended retreat".  He eloquently filled pages with spiritual insights, his daily activities, personal thoughts, love for his fellow man, and beautiful, moving prayers, among other details.

978-1-62164-448-4  348 pages  £16.50  

Rekindle the Gift of God
A New Handbook for Priests

A deeply respected veteran Cistercian priest offers profound insights and guidance on the gift of the priesthood. Gives rich spiritual as well as much practical advice for priests, both diocesan and religious, in their vocations as “other Christs”. Draws on insights from great saints and Popes to help rekindle the spirit of gratitude for the gift of

the priesthood

978-1-62164-405-7  250 pages  £14.99

The Seven Gifts of The Spirit of the Liturgy
Centennial Perspectives on Romano Guardini’s Landmark Work
Edited by Christopher Carstens

n his remarkable book, which Pope Benedict XVI claims began the liturgical movement in Germany, Guardini lays out seven core principles of the liturgical spirit, principles that the Second Vatican Council saw as integral to authentic liturgical reform. In this work, eight experts on the liturgy recall Guardini’s spiritual insights, explaining how these can deepen our liturgical understanding and practice today. The contributors are Bishop

Arthur Serratelli, Fr. Cassian Folsom, O.S.B., Dr. Michon Matthiesen, David Fagerberg, Fr. Daniel Cardó, Bishop James Conley, Fr. Emery de Gaál, and Susan Benofy. Guardini’s core liturgical principles—the objective, corporate, universal, symbolic, meaningful, beautiful, serious, and logical - inspired the renewal desired at the Second Vatican Council.

978-1-62164-406-4  160 pages  £14.99

True Friendship
Where Virtue Becomes Happiness
John Cuddeback, Ph.D.

Beginning with the deep connection between virtuous living and human happiness, Cuddeback locates true friendship at the center of the human drama. Aristotle’s classic

division of friendship into three basic kinds sets the foundation for an examination of the virtuous friendships in which human persons most come to life. The remarkable nature

of this friendship shows both why it demands so much of us and offers so much to us, as individuals and as a society.

978-1-62164-355-5  150 pages  £12.99

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