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Sexuality Explained: a guide for parents and children underpins parents in their role as first educators of their children. It draws on the latest knowledge of the human body to show how mind, heart and body interplay in our sexual makeup, and how the life-giving and love-making aspects of the sexual act are each designed for permanence.

The Guide works at many levels. By drawing the reader into a succession of conversations between a mother and her daughter, her father and her brother, a full picture of the biology of reproduction is created in a friendly way. The stories give parents ideas on how they might converse with their own children. The text is necessarily comprehensive, to answer possible questions, and to make sure that the parents know more than what is mow taught in school biology, which can be checked for accuracy.

Children vary enormously in their maturity, which is one reason why it is best that they are taught about sex and sexuality individually, and, if possible, by members of their own family who know and love them.

The Guide is principally designed for parents, but it can also be read by young people on their own, and later chapters might be used by teachers and youth leaders for student workshops. There is no religious teaching, but the Guide starts from the premise that all human life is of equal dignity and worthy of respect.


“Ralph Waldo Emerson said that 'to see the miraculous within the ordinary is the mark of highest wisdom.' This remarkable guide encapsulates that spirit of adventure that should be the hallmark of dialogue between parents and children concerning love and responsibility.   Sexuality Explained: a guide for parents and children will I hope make a significant contribution to the growing need for sound ideas and resources craved for by both parents and teachers to offset the damaging effect of so much of the usual sex education material. Any parent with a passionate heart for investing in their child's present and future morality will draw from it empowering insights and sensible ideas to help form the hearts minds and bodies of their sons and daughters with a new sense of vision purpose and hope. I applaud the author for making such a valid contribution to building a society crying out for an adequate anthropology"

Edmund P Adamus

Director for Marriage and Family Life - Westminster Diocese

978 0 85244 808 3  - 200 illustrated pages  -  £12.99

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Sexuality Explained
Louise Kirk

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As I Have Loved You

Dr Gerard O'Shea

This book is a fine resource on which parents can readily draw in their efforts to talk to their children, through the years of innocence and puberty, about sexual development and the responsibilities that come with it. Using easy to understand language and graphics, it offers parents advice and materials for training their own children in a well integrated sexuality according to the mind of the Church.

“The best thing about this course is that it respects the right of parents to educate their children about human sexuality and relationships and supports them without undermining their confidence or dismissing their competence...” Edmund P. Adamus, Director, Dept for Pastoral Affairs, Archdiocese of Westminster.

978 085244 775 8

88 pages illustrated


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