Lessons in a Rose-Garden

Aidan Nichols, OP

In Lesson in a Rose-Garden Aidan Nicholas attempts something not done by Catholic writers for several centuries.  He revives the once classical approach to the Rosary which takes the various mysteries of this popular Roman Catholic prayer-form as a starting-point for a wide-ranging exploration of theological as well as spiritual themes.

Though this book can certainly be used as a stimulus to spiritual meditation, rooted in the experience of giving Retreat Conferences on the mysteries of the Rosary over many years, it is also something more.  Interwoven with the mysteries are reflections on the whole gamut of Christina doctrine, from the Trinity to morals. Many of the author’s particular enthusiasms illuminate this study:  notably the Liturgy, sacred art, and the role of the Church in civil society.    And, naturally enough, he returns time and  again to Mariology as the lens through which the Rosary looks at revelation.  Lesson in a Rose-Garden seeks to show that there can be no better place in which to study the Catholic teaching than in the Garden of the Mother of God.

978 085244790 1

344 pages hb


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