Getting to Know Myself

Christine Volmer

Getting to know Myself is the first book in the Alive to the World series.

It is a Big Book for Shared Reading and is designed for use in Reception Classes.

Charlie and Alice, the main characters, are also starting school, and young pupils associate easily with their adventures as they settle in among their classmates and find more being demanded of them at home. Through the stories, children are encouraged to explore their personal identity, the meaning of responsibility, and the importance of respecting themselves, other people and the common rules that govern social behaviour

978 085244 956 1  48 pages  297mm x 210mm  £25.00  Hardback



Happy and Healthy

Christine Volmer

Happy and Healthy is the second book in the Alive to the World series.

It is a Big Book for Shared Reading.

Happy and Healthy follows Charlie and Alice as they settle into a new class with an unfamiliar teacher, make new friends and take greater responsibility for themselves and their possessions. The readers are encouraged to analyse how they, too, might react in given situations, helping them to be aware of their feelings and to master the negative for the positive. Generosity is emphasised all the way through, together with responsibility and respect for other people, their property, and for the rules which govern healthy social behaviour.

978 085244 957 8  48 pages  297mm x 210mm  £25.00  Hardback



Growing Together

Christine Volmer

Growing Together is the third book in the Alive to the World series.

It is a Big Book for Shared Reading.

Growing Together, Charlie and Alice learn that listening does not mean waiting to speak, that light-hearted fun can be hurtful to someone else,and that saying sorry strengthens relationships. They recognise jealousy as a natural emotion which can be mastered in many ways, including taking pride in others’ achievements. There is a general emphasis on looking out for other people and learning how to respond to emotional cues. In the teacher guide, each chapter is connected with some aspect of using electronic devices wisely and the last chapter of the book is dedicated to this subject.

978 085244 958 5  48 pages  297mm x 210mm  £25.00  Hardback

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The Alive to the World programme gives children a full education in relationships and the values which sustain a fruitful life. The characters in the books grow up alongside the pupils year by year, capturing children’s imagination and providing an easy way to open their eyes to the world around them.

Alive to the World is based on extensive research into the anthropology of the human person by teachers, psychologists and social scientists and has been developed with the co-operation of large numbers of parents, children and teenagers.

Alive to the World infant books have been developed as a primary school resource particularly for Catholic and other Faith Schools in association with the Religious Education Department of the Archdiocese of Cardiff, and are also recommended as a foundation for the Fertile Heart programme.

A full teacher guide is available as a download from (see website for conditions), giving a clear breakdown of the values being taught, outline plans for every lesson and a range of pupil adtivities.

‘With a renewed emphasis on Relationships Education in schools in both England and Wales comes an increased need for good resources. We are delighted that this new publication from Gracewing will provide much needed foundations for this programme.’

Rev Dr Bernard Sixtus, Director of Religious Education (schools), Archdiocese of Cardiff

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