New Evangelization

Responding to the Challenge of Indifference

Rino Fisichello

The thrust for a so-called new evangelization has been one of the most important action of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI.  This expression is rooted in the Second Vatican Council and was used for the first time by John Paul I in 1979, to signify the desire to announce the Christian message with greater impact and freshness.  In this era of ideological and cultural crisis within Western society, the Church has the delicate task of guiding man and society towards salvation towards a life closer to the word of Christ.  To this end, Benedict XVI has created a new Vatican department, dedicated specifically to the evangelization of the Western world, under the guidance of Archbishop Fisichella.  In this important book, which is a cultural and religious manifesto for the year of Faith, Archbishop Fisichella explains what constitutes the great task in which he, and the Church, are called upon to propose the centrality of the family, promoting the ethics of finance, redeveloping the presence of Catholics in politics and especially urging people not to get trapped in isolation and indifference.

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164 pages


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