God is alive in Holland

Willem Jacobus Cardinal Eijk
with Andrea Galli

This book provides a glimpse into the life and personality of Cardinal Willem Eijk, Archbishop of Utrecht, one of the outstanding members of the Sacred College, albeit currently little known in the English-speaking world. Through his work, we can gain a thorough insight into, and understanding of, the Church in Holland today.

The Netherlands is among the most de-Christianized countries of Europe and the West, where the once splendid Catholic Church became a standard bearer of compromise with the values of the modern world, and from the 1960s has experienced a dramatic decline. Few people know, however, that Catholicism here is being reborn from the rubble of this collapse, and it is of a completely different flavour from that of the recent past.

Cardinal Eijk's message is relevant for us all today, living in a culture dominated by ever-increasing secularization.

WILLEM JACOBUS EIJK, born in 1953, a priest since 1985, appointed Bishop of Groningen by John Paul II in 1999 and Archbishop of Utrecht by Benedict XVI in 2007, is the current Cardinal Primate of the Church in Holland.

ANDREA GALLI, a journalist with L'Avvenire, who was also co-author with Cardinal Camillo Ruini of the highly successful Interview on God (2014).

978 085244 997 4

144 pages


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