What Happens at Mass

Jeremy Driscoll, OSB

What Happens at Mass draws the reader to a deeper understanding of the Mystery of Faith. The Mass is the gift of an encounter with Jesus Christ.  What Happens at Mass is about God acting in our lives through tangible human actions and words. This book draws us closer to the ritual of the Mass, which is nothing less than the very event of our salvation.

Father Driscoll has done something remarkable here. He has written an intelligent, yet widely accessible guide to the Mass.

978 085244 637 9

134 pages


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Theology at the Eucharistic Table

Jeremy Driscoll, OSB

Dom Jeremy Driscoll offers a fresh approach both to theology and to the eucharistic celebration itself. He sets forth and develops here a method for the tasks of academic theology inspired by the eucharistic rite. There are studies of the foundational role of the liturgy for conceiving the identity of fundamental theology; a proposal for developing a curriculum on the basis of the shape of the eucharistic rite; historical studies on the relationship between liturgy and doctrine; and suggestions for catechesis, preaching and eucharistic adoration.

978 085244 469 6

252 pages


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