Alive to the World

A complete curriculum for teaching social values, healthy sexuality and good citizenship. Provides a full PSHE and Citizenship programme for Years 4 to 8 (ages 8 to 13), including Sex and Relationship Education. It can be used at school and in the home and encourages close co-operation between students, their parents and their teachers.

In the student books, subjects are presented through stories about cousins Charlie and Alice, their families and friends. There are activities for both classroom and home, and relevant general knowledge links with subjects such as sport, history and geography. At the end of each book, a self-quiz section allows students to draw together what they have learned. The accompanying teacher’s guides set out full class plans for each chapter. The programme fits into one school period a week, with follow-up exercises which importantly involve the family at home.


Alive to the World does not talk about religion, but it embodies the Christian teaching that true happiness and fulfillment are to be found in the gift of self to others in love. Massively successful around the world, it is published in 8 different languages, in 22 countries across 4 continents.

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