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Walled About With God

The History and Spirituality of Enclosure for Cloistered Nuns

Dom Jean Prou OSB and the Benedictine nuns of the Solesmes Congregation

Translated by Br David Hayes

The enclosure of nuns is a sign of contradiction in today's world. What are the origins of cloistered life? Written by cloistered women, this unique book examines the question from a biblical, historical, spiritual and theological perspective, showing that the roots of enclosure plunge into the very origins of religious life of both men and women in the early Church, and examines forms of enclosure chosen and developed by women themselves.

978 085244 645 4 - 344 pages  -  £12.99

The Welsh Cistercians
David H. Williams

The Cistercians were a religious order second to none in medieval Europe.  Established in Wales from the first half of the twelfth century, their abbeys played a crucial role in the development of Welsh culture and history as centres of relative security, of learning and literature, of charity and hospitality, and of spiritual and temporal prestige.  The men and women of the Order have left us some of the most splendid architectural and archaeological monuments in the country.

The book closes with a consideration of Cistercians studies over the last century and more, and looks at the re-establishment of the Order in the Principality by the monks of Caldey and nuns of Whitland.

978 085244 354 5 - 338 pages  Illustrations and maps -  £20.00


The Wedding Present
Riches of Spiritual Wisdom for Life’s Journey
Margaret Long

A compendium of Orthodox spirituality to give support during the trails and joys of life’s journey. With material from other Christian traditions illuminated by an Orthodox context.

Orthodox Christianity has much to teach us in the West as our spiritual culture tends to become more and more terrestrial and utilitarian.  Here we discover the beauty, the strength and the living experience of a great Tradition which has developed without a break since Apostolic times.

978 085244 526 6  -  192 pages  -  £15.00 Hardback

£15.00 hb  

We Didn’t Mean to Start a School
Julia Blythe

Jeannie and Geraldine were excited to be moving house and going to a new school - but then a surprise visit from their aunt meant that everything changed.  Aunt Win, a teacher, had suddenly been left a big hotel that she couldn’t sell - meet Aunt win and discover the adventures at Four Winds!

978 085244 477 1 -   184 pages  -  £5.99

£15.00 hb  

Wisdom From Above
A Primer in the Theology of Father Sergei Bulgakov
Aidan Nichols OP
Foreword by Archbishop Rowan Williams

Sergei Bulgakov, born in Russian in 1871, was one of the principal Eastern theologians of the twentieth century.

This present book has appeared at exactly the right moment. Alike in Russia and in the West, we are witnessing a veritable “Bulgakov renaissance” … this is the first comprehensive and systemic survey of his theology in English.

Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia

978 085244 642 3  - 240 pages -   £17.99


William Wardell
A. G. Evans

Born into lowly circumstances in London's East End in 1823 William Wilkinson Wardell became one of Australia's greatest architects whose crowning works are his two cathedrals, St. Mary’s in Sydney and St. Patrick’s in Melbourne. He also stamped his character and high standard on many of Melbourne's best-loved public buildings. As a contemporary and devoted admirer of Pugin both were converts to the Catholic Faith and shared a deep religious conviction in the superiority of Gothic Architecture for church building.

978 085244 767 3  -  312 pages - £15.99


William Lockhart
Nicholas Schofield

When William Lockhart died in London in 1892, The Tablet declared that perhaps no man, except Cardinal Manning, had so strong a hold on varying classes and masses of men. An outstanding figure, he was received into the church by Fr Gentili, and immediately joined the Institute of Charity. He is remembered for founding two important missions in London; Our Lady and St Joseph, Kingsland and St Etheldreda’s, Ely Place. Alongside his pastoral labours, he encouraged young writers and publishers and helped run several Catholic journals.

978 085244 753 6 -  220 pages - £12.99


A Walsingham Prayer Book

Philippe Lefebvre and Br. Lawrence Lew (Author)

9780852448533  64 illustrated pages  £3.50

9780852448533  64 pages  £3.50

Upon this Rock and A Catechism of the Holy Rosary
Edwin Gordon

This book represents the fruits of many years of prayer, work and meditation by Fr Edwin Gordon.  The first part, Upon This Rock - with a foreword by Canon Francis Ripley - provides a catechetical programme of instruction and is fully referenced to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  It is published together with a series of meditations with Our Lady on the Catholic truths made manifest in the Rosary, including the Luminous Mysteries: A Catechism of the Holy Rosary.

Fr Gordon illustrates how, despite the insecurities of our modern world, in Our lady we have a sure refuge, a spiritual mother, whose divinely ordained role it to lead us to her son.

978 085244 609 6          180 pages       £7.99