The Memoirs of E. L. Mascall

Few can doubt the extraordinary impact that the writings of E L Mascall had on theologians and the general reader.  His graceful writing style and steadfast grasp on theological and philosophical principles gave his books a unique authority and readability.

Now in Saraband he has turned these considerable resources to the consideration of his own life.  Beginning with his birth, background and education, and examining his career at Lincoln Theological College, Christ Church Oxford and Kings College London.  Humour enlivens his story along with a collection of anecdotes from many years of academic and clerical life.

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392 pages

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He Who Is   
A Study in Traditional Theism
E L Mascall

With a new foreword by Robert McSwain, this classic theological work discusses not only the

famous Five Ways of St Thomas Aquinas, but also creation, mysticism, the relation between

reason and revelation, the doctrine of analogy and the non-Christian religions; and an attempt

is made to find the true status of religious experience as an element in rational theism.  

979 8 88677 066 7 - 264 pages - £18.00

Existence and Analogy     
E L Mascall

Back in print with a new foreword by Rowan Williams, this remains one of the most

outstanding treatments of traditional Christian metaphysics in English. Mascall’s re

examination of traditional approaches to the existence of God shows the lucidity and

scholarship which have made his work of great value both to the specialist and to the

non-specialist interested in problems of philosophy and theology.

979 8 88677 058 2 - 214 pages -  £18.00

The Christian Universe     
E L Mascall

An unabashed defence of Christianity against the unbelief and indifference of our age.

Under Mascall’s lens, those who hold such positions are seen as offering a dreary and

impoverished universe, “quite incapable of satisfying our needs and aspirations.” In

contrast, he upholds “the wonder and glory of Christianity,” its unique revelation and

reconciliation with God as the heart of the cosmic process, and its faith not a defiance

or negation of the world, but an affirmation that there is meaning to the world.

979 8 88677 057 5 - 178 pages - £18.00

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