Love Strong as Death

The Autobiography of Fr Ronald Walls

These pages offer a valuable insight into many “nooks and crannies” of Scottish life during the 20th century. From the middle-class respectability of Edinburgh's suburbs to the idyll of Highland rural life in Logie Easter. From the friendly banter of the Glasgow tram to the evocative calm of Nunraw Abbey. Fr Ronnie's writing skill is such that the reader will soon feel quite at home in these and many other locations, and will follow with increasing interest the boy becoming a man, finding happiness in an exemplary marriage to Helen, his soul-mate, and settling down to parish ministry.

Born in Edinburgh in 1920 he began adult life as a minister in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. In 1948, with his wife and three sons, he was received into the Catholic Church. In a road accident in 1974 he was badly injured and his wife Helen was killed. In 1977 he was ordained priest by Mario Conti, Bishop of Aberdeen.

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328 pages


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This is Your Mother

Ronald Walls

Devotion to Mary, the mother of God, is nourished by nothing so much as by knowledge of Holy Scripture.  Fruitful meditation upon the Mysteries of the Rosary relies upon the knowledge of the Bible; and because this is so, the prayer of the Rosary is in tune with the Church’s belief that the Bible is our great source-book of theology and of devotion.

This is Your Mother does not simply give references to biblical passages that help us appreciate the Rosary but prints them in full, so that the reader has everything in one volume for ease of use.  For each Mystery a full selection of Old Testament texts prepares the way for a meditation followed by the relevant reading from the New Testament.

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212 pages


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Stairway to the Upper Room Volume 1
Daily Meditations on the Gospel Readings for Sundays and Solemnities
Salvation History and Sundays 2-12

Ronald Walls
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Stairway to the Upper Room Volume 2
Daily Meditations on the Gospel Readings for Sundays and Solemnities
Ordinary Time: Sundays 13-34
Ronald Walls
978 0 85244 570 9  140 pages  £7.99

(Special offer of £5.00 per  volume)

An introduction to the practice of meditative prayer using a two volume study of the Gospel readings from the lectionary for all the Sundays and Feastdays in the 3 year cycle, each with a short commentary and guide to meditation, which - like climbing up the stairway leading to the upper room - will take us into the presence of the Lord.

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