Living the Mystery

Monastic Markers on the Christian Way

Dom Hugh Gilbert, OSB

In this book, following the highly successful Unfolding the Mystery, Abbot Hugh reflects before his monastic brethren on some of the elements common to the life of all Christians—from baptism to the hope of eternal life. Here it is a question of Living the Mystery, that is, of allowing the revelation of Christ in us, present in the Church, to take possession of our whole life, personal and social.

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204 pages


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Unfolding the Mystery

Monastic Conferences on the Liturgical Year

Hugh Gilbert, OSB

This selection from conferences delivered originally to Abbot Hugh’s monastic “family” are of immense relevance to all Christian men and women looking for props to underpin their lives of faith in a society that does not understand their values. Readers will find fascinating glimpses of what it means to follow Christ as a Benedictine, will nourish the life of faith in the ancient monastic traditions, reflect on the place of Christian virtues in life, find comfort and strength in the wisdom of Scripture and the Fathers, and will relish the taste of the Liturgy of the Church and the Rule of St. Benedict.

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Tale of Quisquis

Reading the Rule of St Benedict as Story

Hugh Gilbert OSB

Like his previous two books, this one also contains conferences delivered by an abbot to his fellow monks - in this case mainly based on retreat conferences given to other monastic communities.  

This third volume looks at the Rule of St Benedict, by which monks and nuns have been living since the sixth century and also followed by an increasing number of lay people. There are many books on the Rule; this one is different and takes a look at it as ‘story’ - The Tale of Quisquis.  The Quisquis (Latin for ‘anyone’) of the tale is ‘anyone’ who hears the call of the Lord and answers it. One of the purposes of the book is ‘to uncover in the Rule a narrative of such an individual’s return to God as it unfolds in his inner and outer life.  As the chapters follow their at times disorderly order, it seems possible to discern a hidden “story of a soul”.’

Hugh Gilbert, OSB was a cloistered monk for thirty-seven years and Abbot of Pluscarden Abbey for nineteen.  In the summer of 2011 he was called by Pope Benedict to become bishop of Aberdeen and was ordained to the episcopate on the Solemnity of the Assumption that year.

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