In May 1373, a woman took to her bed, believing that she was shortly going to die. She was 30 years old. To offer her comfort at the point of her death, a curate (a priest’s assistant) at her bedside held a crucifix out in front of her. At this moment, the woman – who is today known as Julian of Norwich – experienced a series of 16 extraordinary visions.

These visions are described in the Revelations of Divine Love, which is the first work in English to be authored by a woman.

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The Gift of Julian of Norwich

Karen Manton

In a time of political violence and religious censorship in the fourteenth century, Julian of Norwich dared to speak abut love and her understanding of God through her remarkable book of ‘Showings’ or revelations.  This series of sixteen visions came to her during a severe illness when she was thirty. Her message is that God who is all love, all goodness, and the source of all existence, will make all things well.

In this book superb colour illustrations and calligraphy by award winning artist Lynne Muir bring excerpts from the ‘Showings’ to life, with translations, insights, and a fascinating account of Julian’s world from Karen Manton.

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A Revelation of Love
Julian of Norwich
Translated by John Skinner

John Skinner’s translation offers today’s reader the immediacy of one of the most powerful books in the English language.  Julian’s message of God’s intimate and enabling love is revealed as both beguiling and inescapable.  The poetry and rhythmic structure of the original Middle English are respected, and her earthy and direct style is still discernible.

Few texts have held such interest or been the object of such enduring devotion as has Julian of Norwich’s classic, A Revelation of Love.

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Love is His Meaning
The Impact of Julian of Norwich
John Skinner

Julian of Norwich, England’s greatest mystic, became the first woman to write in the English language. The aim of this latest work is to enable newcomers to Julian to understand her complex theology and penetrate her deepest meaning. Using the major part of his original translation, A Revelation of Love, John Skinner inserts commentary and interpretation into the text. The result is a flowing account of Julian’s work where her voice is to be heard even more clearly.

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148 pages


650th anniversary
of the visions
Julian of Norwich