The Gift of Self in Marriage

Anita Dowsing

A study of the mutual gift in the act of love in the light of the teaching of the Catholic Church and contemporary thinking and practice. This book seeks to bridge the gap between the official teaching of the Catholic Church and the practice of many of its lay members, by considering the background for the contemporary assumption and by explaining the teaching in a way that can make sense to ordinary people. The author draws on contemporary research and understanding as well as on her own reflections and experience.

A moving wake-up call to all Catholics, and especially those who are considering entering marriage, or are concerned with preparing couples for marriage, or who have a role in helping those whose marriages are suffering strains and tensions.

She writes from her own experience and reflection as a married women over the years, drawing on the Gospels, the teaching of the Church, the saints and eminent thinkers through the ages.

Rt Rev Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff

978 085244 155 8

208 pages


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