Fathers and Anglicans

Arthur Middleton

Fathers and Anglicans helps us to re-appropriate a  vital part of the Anglican approach to the living reality of Christ.  This book deals with the very great significance attached by classical Anglican divines to developing a ‘patristic mind’ which is neither afraid to reason nor ashamed to adore…it gives us vignettes of attractive Christian lives like that of Lancelot Andrews.

Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Bishop of London

978 085244 450 4

354 pages


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Prayer in the Workaday World

Arthur Middleton

Real prayer consists of three essential constituents - oral or bodily prayer, prayer of the mind and prayer of the heart or “of the mind in the heart”, and if one or the other constituent is absent it is not prayer at all. This book is not just about theory it is also about the practicalities of prayer. The author's concern is to help people discover their role of prayer in a way of living where contemplation and action harmonize so that they can “pray without ceasing” in a busy world.

978 085244 677 5

216 pages


Restoring the Anglican Mind: New Edition

Arthur Middleton

The loss of the Anglican mind, behind which is the loss of the Christian mind that has led to the dysfunctionalism and loss of identity in modern Anglicanism throughout the Anglican Communion.

Canon Middleton takes us back to prescriptive sources and shows us that Anglicanism has its own peculiar character that still speaks to us today.   Tracing that character in the Reformers, the Carolines, the Oxford Fathers and in the Formularies, he shows that despite the discontinuities of their time these divines are aware of the continuity and wholeness of the Christian tradition in all its fullness and unbroken unity.

978 085244 695 9

140 pages   illustrated


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