How to get Expelled from School

A guide to climate change for pupils, parents & punters

Ian Plimer

Ian Plimer’s sequel to his international best-seller Heaven and Earth will further nudge the global warming zealots and extremists to the fringes of this debate. In his new book Plimer debunks the theory that the world is facing a climate emergency, embarrasses those who dishonestly argue that the science is settled and will undoubtedly put fear into the hearts of those who need or want the world to believe we are facing a global environmental catastrophe. In every classroom where global warming is discussed Plimer’s How to get expelled from school is a must-have text for every student to ensure that they are exposed to a more rational evaluation of this debate and not just the views of the alarmists.

This book is a must for those that respect scientific enquiry based on measured rationality and solid empirical evidence. It systematically exposes the hysteria and misinformation that drives the manufactured political consensus on anthropomorphic global warming.  Ignorance is no longer an excuse for teaching ideology in the place of balanced scientific theory in our schools.

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