The Gift of Thérèse of Lisieux

John Udris

Perfection lies in being just what he wants us to be.” Thérèse of Lisieux understood our unique identity in God, and spent her life bringing others to know this truth, leading her to describe herself once as “the mother of souls”. But Thérèse is also widely known as “The Little Flower” for her simplicity and her belief in smallness as an attitude before God. Allied to smallness is weakness and Thérèse  found this to be an essential part of the Christian's journey, encouraging us to be joyful in it as it leads us to God on a daily basis. Such gratitude overflows her thinking, making her praise and prayer simple and immediate.

This book is written by the noted Thérèse scholar John Udris, Dean of Northampton Cathedral, and superbly illustrated by well-known calligrapher Lynne Muir.

978 0 85244 598 3  

128 pages hb

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