A Faith for Skeptics

John H. Heidt

After many years in parish ministry, John H Heidt has found that there are very few people who do not have some kind of belief in God.  But a great many people - inside and outside the church - are uneasy about believing too much or too strongly.  They take all sorts of other things in life for granted, but when it comes to religion they are skeptics.  We no not live in an age of disbelief but in a age of doubt.

This book is written for all those who would like to believe in something definite but are afraid to do so.  It does not try to argue anyone into belief, but sets out to convince the reader that it is all right to believe - and specifically to believe in the traditional teachings of Christianity.

I read this book with a rather breathless enthusiasm, carried along by its absolute clarity, its energy and wit, its intellectual and imaginative zest. It is quite simply one of the best brief introductions to the essentials of classical Christian faith I have encountered in years.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams

978 085244 628 7

144 pages


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