Anglicans and Orthodox

Judith Pinnington

Elizabeth I deliberately divided her episcopate at the outset of her reign between Geneva reformers and bishops who looked to the Fathers of the Early church.  Thereafter in the Church of England there would always be diviners who would be drawn to the Orthodox East   Such men suffered mightily in the 17th century at the hands of first Puritans and then Whigs when these gained political power, and their suffering impelled them more and more to ‘look to the East’.

This book traces the fortunes of that quest, through the study of Greek texts involvement in the intricate politics of the Near and Middle East, deprivation and isolation in the Nonjuror schism and finally the rejection by the Greek Patriarchs of requests for Orthodox Communion in the 1720s.

978 085244 577 8

280 pages


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